5 Reasons to Honeymoon in Greece

“Congratulations! You’ve got engaged”

Now it’s time to plan the wedding, and the equally important matter of the honeymoon…

  • 5 Reasons to Honeymoon in Greece

    Congratulations! You’ve got engaged. Now it’s time to plan the wedding, and the equally important matter of the honeymoon. If you’re thinking of a post-nuptial getaway, Greece is a fantastic option. It’s close and inexpensive to reach, and the gorgeous blue skies paired with tranquil water are the perfect romantic setting. If those aren’t reasons enough, here are five more why Greece is the ideal location for your honeymoon:

    The Food

    There’s something romantic about food, and girls love a gentleman Why not head to Greece to sample the Mediterranean gastronomical flair and get some inspiration for some new dishes to try at home? Spoil each other with amazing Greek dishes, rather than just picking up another fish and chips on the way home from work.

    You can order moussaka or Greek salad, sure, but being in love is about experiencing new things together. Why not go with seafood instead, such as steamed mussels with fennel, tomatoes and cream?  Or go for some truly Mediterranean flavour with a Greek lamb and macaroni bake.

    The climate

    When you honeymoon in Greece, you can be sure that it’s not just the two of you feeling warm and fuzzy inside, with the average temperature ranging from 21º to 28ºC in the summer months. As for the rain? Well, this country has no desire to extinguish the fire of love, with less than an inch of rain fall from May to September. Clouds are something of a novelty in these months, so you can make time for each other under those gorgeous endless blue skies.

    The Variety

    Relaxing on the beach in Crete

    Lovers can stroll down the streets of Rhodes Town, holding hands in this charming little old walled town, or soak up the sun together on its island coastline. If you fancy taking your romantic stroll to the next level, then let Greece’s largest island, Crete, accommodate you and spend a day hiking through the beautiful Samaria Gorge. For the less energetic, there’s Zakynthos, an island with a whole host of sandy beaches and irresistible blue water.

    The History

    From the mythological figures of Aphrodite and Eros, to the birth of the Olympics, to the thinkers that have shaped thought, the universal sentiment of love has existed in Greece since early times, whether it’s for life, for sport, or for love itself! Then there’s the beautiful acropolis at Lindos in Rhodes, which overlooks the beautiful bay. Newly-weds won’t be able to resist sharing a kiss in front of it, the view begs them to.

    The Adventure

    Action and adventure are something of a Greek specialty. Honeymooners can climb mountains, go on hiking trails, hit the clubs till the sun goes down, go bungee jumping, sailing, diving and even skiing. If you want something quieter, Greece obliges with wine tasting, meditation, bathing, museums or the opportunity to just lounge on a beach. Either way, boredom won’t sneak up on you in this country that just doesn’t let up.

    Greece offers a perfect honeymoon for every kind of couple, and you’ll find the love kindled on your wedding day will really catch light in this beautiful island paradise. In fact, when it’s time to go home, you’ll find it hard to tear yourselves away from the country, and from each other!

Author: Charlotte Brenner