Keeping the kids safe in the sun

“Part of the fun of going on holiday with the kids is playing in the sun”

It’s scientifically proven that all that fresh air and vitamin D makes us happy and provokes a sunny feeling inside too…

  • Keeping the kids safe in the sun

    Part of the fun of going on holiday with the kids is playing in the sun. It’s scientifically proven that all that fresh air and vitamin D makes us happy and provokes a sunny feeling inside too. As fun as the sun goes though, if you’re out in it too long, with or without protection, it has the potential to ruin your holiday.

    Remember that children’s skin is a lot more vulnerable than adults’ – the sun’s rays can be very damaging. No matter how old you are there are a few things you can do to ensure that on arrival back home you’re complimented on your holiday glow, rather than pitied for your red face and peeling chest.

    Wear sunscreen

    Your child needs a sunscreen that is SPF15 or higher. The higher the factor, the more protection your child will have against bright sunshine. Check that the cream or spray is effective against UVA and UVB. And even if the sunscreen says it’s waterproof – always reapply after swimming.

    For the strongest protection, be sure to apply at least 30 minutes before going outside. Pay special attention to the neck and shoulders as children are often crouched building sandcastles, or dams, or digging holes on the beach, so this is the part that is exposed most to the sun but often forgotten.

    Note that if your baby is less than a year old you will need to get a special sunscreen especially for that age group. If your baby is under six months old you should keep them out of direct sunlight altogether.

    Avoid the sun between 10am and 4pm

    Boy in swimming pool

    At midday the sun is at its hottest, strongest and most dangerous. This is a great time for your child to join in with the Falcon Kids’ Clubs activities. The following activities are available at most of our top destinations, make sure to check Falcon holidays website for a range of properties with FREE Kid’s Cubs.

    • Interactive online games
    • Stage Academy  (available in Holiday Villages)
    • Award-winning DJ School (available in Holiday Villages)
    • Circus workshops with face painting

    And many more

    Take a pop-up tent

    If you are spending the day by the pool or on the beach, take along a simple pop-up tent for the children to play or sleep in. This can really help towards your child’s sun protection while you soak up some rays. Make sure your child is properly covered as you travel too – get a protector for your pushchair and a sun shield for your car.

    Cover up, and don’t forget the hat

    Baby wearing sun hat

    There are plenty of clothing options to keep your child safe in the sun. Many shops make full-length swimsuits now – a little shorts romper is a great idea for flexibility and ease – and you can even buy swimsuits with hats and neck protection attached. If you find yourself suddenly in the hot sun without these items your child can have just as much fun in an over sized t-shirt.

    Always make sure your child has a sunhat. The unforgiving sun will be especially harsh on their gentle scalp, and too much time spent in the sun without anything between your head and the rays can cause sunstroke too. Choose a floppy one with a wide brim for extra protection.

    Wear sunglasses

    Girl in pool with sunglasses

    Buy some cool sunglasses for your child, ones that they don’t mind wearing. These can be bought quite cheaply but make sure whichever pair you buy meets the European Standard (BSEN 1836:2005) and carries the “CE” mark. You’ll be able to see this on the lens sticker, or just ask the retailer.

    Well, that’s the children’s sun protection sorted, but how do you look after yourself out in the sun all day?

    Thanks to Ian D Keating and Lee Lily for the images from Flickr used under the Creative Commons License. 

Author: Charlotte Brenner