Frequently asked questions about our Lapland trips

“A trip to Lapland with Falcon Holidays is a unique journey that you and your family will cherish”

It’s a special opportunity to see the real Santa in his grotto and to ensure any Christmas wishes are given direct to the man in charge…

  • Frequently asked questions about our Lapland trips

    A trip to Lapland with Falcon Holidays is a unique journey that you and your family will cherish. It’s a special opportunity to see the real Santa in his grotto and to ensure any Christmas wishes are given direct to the man in charge. Lapland is a beautiful festive kingdom where snow is guaranteed, the reindeer provide the transport and the range of fun things to do is endless.

    If you’ve booked a trip to Lapland this year, or you’re planning one for the future, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions to make sure you and the children are fully prepared to make the most of all the fun you’re sure to have.

    1. What should I wear?Reindeers at Santas Lapland

    The best way to pack for a Lapland trip is to plan your layers. We’ll provide you with the rest of the thermal wear you’ll need – including overall boots, woollen socks, a scarf and gloves – from our Winter Wonderland dressing room (not for infants).

    Your first layer should be fairly tight fitting to keep warmth close to your body. Good choices of fabric include wool, polyester, or any other synthetics. Don’t wear any fabrics that include cotton, as this will absorb the moisture. Make sure your second layer features something fleecy or woollen – this will insulate you against the Lapland cold. You may want to bring a few of these fleecy layers to wear in the middle, just to make sure, especially if you feel the cold. We’ll provide your outer layer, which will protect you against the snow, the wind and the cold.

    We do provide socks but if you want to bring your own make sure you have a pair of thin ones to go under the thick ones. Wear a hat with flaps, or one that comes down enough to cover your ears and bring some glove liners or your own scarf for extra protection.

    2. What currency should I take?Santas Lapland. Finland

    The currency in Lapland is euros. If you’re going to Lapland on one of our Santa’s Secret Grotto Day Trips most of your activities are taken care of and lunch is included. You’ll probably want some money for souvenirs from Santa’s gift shop though, or a snack, or a drink at the Ice Queen’s Ice Bar and Gallery. If you’re staying any longer you’re sure to want some cash for all the activities on offer.

    There is a cash point in Lapland but for the best exchange rate buy your euros in advance.

    3. What will we do?Santa in the snow in Lapland

    A trip to Lapland is action packed! You can go on a magical mystery tour ending in a visit to Santa, check out the elves hard at work at Santa’s workshop and meet Old Man Reindeer to learn all about the Arctic Circle crossing ceremony. If the kids do as the elves say, they’ll get to graduate from Elf School, with a certificate and everything!

    At Mrs Claus’ Bakery the kids will get to decorate gingerbread while you look on with a deserved cup of tea or coffee. And make sure to visit Santa’s Post Office before you leave to send postcards from this magical location to your friends back home.

    If your family is the action and adventure kind, you could have a go at the husky sleigh rides, ice carting, tobogganing, snowmobiling, and enjoy sledging and mini-skidoo rides too. One of the most popular activities in Lapland is to go Northern Lights hunting ­– join the trip and you could see the luminous lights in the sky.

    Head straight to our campfire afterwards for a hot juice to keep you warm, and to hear more Lapland tales from our friendly elves.

    You can find out more about what you can do on a day trip to Lapland here.

    4. Where is Lapland?

    Wolves in LaplandLapland is in the Arctic Circle in northern Finland.

    5. What airport do we fly into in Lapland?

    You’ll fly into Rovaniemi Airport and be greeted by our friendly elves who’ll take you right to the heart of the action in Lapland.

    6. Is there anything else I should take in my bag?

    Lip balm is a good idea, especially if you’re taking part in the action adventures. A non water based hand lotion can also be useful if you’re there for a few days and hand warmers can feel like heaven after a day in the cold. And don’t forget your camera!

    What activity would you most look forward to on a trip to Lapland?

    Thanks to letiziabarbi, rukakuusammo, edweerdt and tarjamitrovicfinland for the images from Flickr used under a Creative Commons License.

Author: Charlotte Brenner