Why Bulgaria is suitable for all the family

“Bulgaria is getting more and more popular with holidaymakers”

The guaranteed sun, great prices and all the fun of Sunny Beach entice them in, and back, every year…

  • Why Bulgaria is suitable for all the family

    Bulgaria is getting more and more popular with holidaymakers. The guaranteed sun, great prices and all the fun of Sunny Beach entice them in, and back, every year. The resort area of Bourgas is a great spot for the whole family to enjoy, thanks to the huge range of things to do there. Best of all you can easily fly direct there from Belfast and Dublin over the summer, to enjoy a holiday to remember by the Black Sea.

    Spa for mum

    Thanks to Bulgaria’s history as a top skiing destination, the spa industry has boomed to meet the demand. Great news if you’re planning a summer trip as you can involve some rest and relaxation into your itinerary. There are more than 800 mineral springs in Bulgaria, spawning some of the best spa resorts in Europe. The potential of the mud source along the Black Sea coast will please anyone looking for eternal youth (although, of course we can’t guarantee that!). Check out the cute little town of Nessebar if you want to include a massage or therapy in your holiday, and you can explore the gift shops and pretty flower gardens afterwards too.

    Mums and dads alike will enjoy the excursions in Bulgaria. Take a trip out to see painted churches, traditional craft shops and all the little museums open in the neighbouring villages. And why not take advantage of the babysitting service in many of the hotels and check out the nightlife in Sunny Beach one evening?

    Watersports for dad

    watersports for dad

    If you’re into watersports you’ll be into Bulgaria, we have no doubts about that one. The Black Sea is perfect for surfing and windsurfing. Further inland the Struma River is great for rafting, canoeing and kayaking. If you’re into diving you can go and explore the interesting wrecks and diving in the dams, lakes and caves around the country.

    One of the coolest activities around the popular Sunny Beach is the 440m go karting course. Although the chairlift over the Blue Rocks – once used as a discreet hideout – should definitely be on the agenda for any daredevil dad. There’s also a mini golf course and a volleyball court right on the beach. Round up your fellow holidaymakers and give it a try!

    Theme park for teens

    There is so much for teens to do in Bulgaria, there’s no chance of them moping about and claiming they’re bored. The Sunny Beach Luna Park will definitely fill a day, maybe even two. Set in a stunning coastal mountain setting Luna Park has bumper cars, bungee jumping, an artificial lake and a house of horrors. Somehow rollercoasters always seem scarier at fairgrounds don’t they?

    Aquapark for kids

    Waterpark for kids

    Kids, teenagers, adults and even toddlers will love all the action of the Bulgaria Aqua Park. There’s a kids zone, mini zoo, relaxation area and extreme rides for the brave. There are plenty of restaurants and bars on site too, so there’s no way you’ll go hungry. With seven huge slides, including a Black Hole and a Multislide, and six more relaxed ones for the whole family to enjoy a day at the park will be a great bonding experience for all.

    The whole family

    The Sunny Beach area has pedalos, banana boats, jet skis, water skis and scuba diving right there on the beach. The whole family can bring their towels, cameras, books, phones, whatever their distraction of choice, and spend a day or three relaxing on the beach, or checking out all the activities available. You can find out more about Sunny Beach in our family guide.

    Have you ever been to Bulgaria? What was your favourite activity?

    Thanks to antoskabar, anjanettew and klearchos for the images used under Creative Commons licence.

Author: Charlotte Brenner