New years resolution: Travel more

“No one ever regretted travelling”

If your new years resolution for 2015 is to go on more holidays then you’ve come to the right place…

  • New years resolution: Travel more

    No one ever regretted travelling. If your new years resolution for 2015 is to go on more holidays then you’ve come to the right place. Falcon have a huge range of perfect packages available and we fly to loads of top holiday destinations too.

    “Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer”: so the saying goes – and it’s true. Making memories with the people you love is one of the most attractive things about going on holiday. And the more holidays you manage to fit in this year, the more memorable it will be, so let’s get started.

    How to travel more in 2015

    If your planning to travel more there are a few things you need to think about before you make any big decisions.

    • How will you finance your travels?
    • How much time can you take off work, or will you quit? What will you do with your current life if you do?
    • Who will come with you?

    What will you do?

    Now onto the fun planning part. A good place to start is to make a bucket list of things you want to try in the next five years and the places you want to visit. How about scuba diving in Sharm el Sheikh, clubbing in Faliraki or even windsurfing in Tarifa?

    Start small: ‘travel more’ doesn’t mean you have to pack in your whole life and go travelling to South East Asia for a year. You can get just as much out of making the most of your weekends and annual leave. Start planning your first much-wanted trip, just to get the ball rolling.

    Why you should plan to travel more this year

    Travel more

    There’s no greater time to travel than now. Unfortunately there will always be some sort of excuse not to – relationships, jobs, money, family – but sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and just make travel a priority.

    Why travel is good for you

    Here’s five reasons why travel is good for you, off the cuff, but we can assure you there are many, many more.

    • Vitamin D: spending time outside increases the amount of Vitamin D that gets into our system. Vitamin D can help stave off depression, weight gain and absent mindedness, among other ailments.
    • Get outside your comfort zone: you’ll experience people, places and life as you never knew you would. Getting out of your comfort zone encourages open mindedness and worldliness too.
    • Take time out: life shouldn’t just be school and work, it’s great to be able to take time out to explore different parts of yourself and the world too. You never know what part of your personality or skillset you might unearth!
    • Gain perspective: when you’re travelling you see things and meet people that could give you a whole new perspective on life. Suddenly things you fussed about before don’t seem quite so important. You know that there’s always someone worse off, and better off, than yourself, leading to increased contentment and understanding.
    • To do something new: so many of us are stuck in a rut with life. Travel is an opportunity to mix things up a bit. Even if it’s just a week away with the one you love, it can still really change you to try new activities, see new places and to reenergise your zest for life .

    Most importantly travel makes your dreams come true: have you always wanted to go to Disneyland, see Santa in Lapland or check out the Ibiza closing parties? Make travelling more a priority in 2015 and your wildest fantasies can become reality.

    What destination or activity would be number one on your bucket list?

    Thanks to torrelodones and gregoryjordan for the images from Flickr.

Author: Carol Oconnor