5 signs you’re in need of a week in the sun

“  Holidays aren’t just for fun”

They’re actually much needed time out from the stresses and monotony of every day life…

  • 5 signs you’re in need of a week in the sun


    Holidays aren’t just for fun. They’re actually much needed time out from the stresses and monotony of every day life. Well-planned holidays are a chance for friends and family to come together and bond over fun experiences away from what they know at home. Sometimes though, another year has gone and you realise you haven’t taken any time out for months.

    A relaxing holiday with your favourite people is a great opportunity to relax your brain and body, and to reenergise and refocus so you’re happier and more productive in every aspect of life.

    You may not realise it yet, but you need a holiday, and here are the 5 signs that show you need it soon!

    1. Your skin is more ‘snowman’ than ‘bronzed goddess’

    Pale and interesting doesn’t even cover it anymore. You need some sun on your skin, or you’ll eventually disappear into those white walls in the workplace. You even debate getting a spray tan before you actually tan for fear of getting your pasty legs out on the beach and scaring the locals. Make sure to wear some good sun lotion when you finally do expose those white bits, there’s only one colour worse than ‘pale and interesting’ on the beach, and that’s ‘red and lobster-like’.

    1. Your holiday envy has reached an embarrassing new high

    As much as you love your colleagues, friends and family, you can’t stand to listen to their post holiday chatter. In fact, you actively avoid them when they return until the novelty has worn off and they’re back to moaning about work and home life again.

    And if you click ‘unfollow’ on Facebook as soon as you find out a friend is going on holiday, just to avoid being subject to their gloating, you need to book yourself a break. Seriously.

    1. A pint down the local just doesn’t cut it

    No offence to Mary and Declan down the local but talking to the same people, in the same place, about the same things is really starting to get to you. You need a new view – preferably one of the beach with a cocktail in each hand. Mai Tai, Cosmopolitan or Long Island Iced Tea, you don’t mind, as long as it has an umbrella in it and you’re lying on a lounger to drink it.

    1. People actually start to joke that you need a holiday

    Puffy eyes, vanishing vitality and brain drain are all signs that you need to take some time out. Your friends might even notice it before you do. When you’re indoors all day you’re missing out on essential Vitamin D, which can make you absent minded, depressed and partial to weight gain.

    If you’re feeling exhausted and run ragged take a look at our Holiday Villages for some holiday inspiration. They’re the perfect way for the whole family to relax and enjoy a week or two without having to worry about transport, money or entertainment. Bliss.

    Or if your holiday need is more urgent than that, take a look at our last minute deals for a great value trip you’ll remember forever.

    1. You still have annual leave available

    Use it or lose it! Keep an eye on your vacation days so you know exactly how many you have to ‘spend’. Many companies won’t refund you your holiday days, or let you carry them on to next year, so you need to make sure you use them in time. Don’t leave it until Christmas to book either, anyone who’s prepared will have already bagged those days and you might not be allowed to take time off at the same time.

    Wasting annual leave is like working for free, and no one wants to do that. Take your ever-growing pile of books, your other half and go and lie on a beach for a few days, or grab your camera phone and the kids and go off and explore!

    Give us some holiday inspiration – what’s the best holiday you’ve ever had?

    Pictures via Falcon Holidays

Author: Carol Oconnor