Getting to Tenerife from the Airport

“The flight has touched down in glorious Tenerife”

You’ve picked up your luggage…

  • Getting to Tenerife from the Airport

    The flight has touched down in glorious Tenerife. You’ve picked up your luggage. The plan now is to drop off your suitcases at the resort or in the city and then get out and enjoy the Spanish sunshine with all your might. The only question is: how can you get there?

    Flying to Tenerife

    The first thing to be aware of when you book your Tenerife holiday is that this gorgeous little island has two airports, situated in its northern and southern tips. Tenerife Norte, referred to as ‘Los Rodeos’, sits in the north and is just less than seven miles from the capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 49.5 miles from Los Cristianos and a little fewer than 50 miles from Costa Adeje. Meanwhile, Tenerife Sur, or also known by its former name of Tenerife Sur–Reina Sofía, is the southern airport and lies approximately 42 miles from the capital, 10.5 miles from Los Cristianos and nearly 11 miles from Costa Adeje.

    Catching the bus from the airport

    Bus from Tenerife Airport

    Naturally, there are bus services to and from both of these airports, operated by TITSA. Service 343 transports you directly between airports in 50 minutes. The route has direct connections between Puerto de la Cruz and Los Cristianos too, and depending on the time that you catch the bus you can also get on or off at Costa Adeje.  Be aware that the service runs slightly infrequently at intervals of roughly once per every 50 to 1 hour and 20 minutes (!).

    The good news is that if you’re travelling from Tenerife Sur to the capital, to Los Cristianos or Costa Adeje, you can catch the bus much more regularly, since tourists use the route a lot. Starting from 6:00 am from Costa Adeje each day, or 6:10 am from Los Cristianos, the bus runs every 10 minutes until 10:00 pm into the city, then less frequently.

    You can save money on bus journeys in Tenerife by buying a bono. Available at bus stations, these vouchers contain credit of 15 or 25 euros and allow you to make multiple journeys until the credit runs out. You simply tell the driver your destination, place your ticket in the machine and let it deduct the fare. Each person who uses the voucher must do this. If you catch another bus within the first two hours of paying for a journey with your bono, you can save money on the transfer. Remember to hold on to your ticket!

    Using a taxi service

    If you decide to travel to your accommodation by taxi from the airport, which can set you back as much as 120 euros if you’re heading to the capital from Tenerife Sur, you should do so from the designated taxi terminals at the airports. Look for the words ‘servicio publicó’ on the taxi, which indicate that the driver is a licensed taxi driver.

    Getting to and from the airports in Tenerife is straightforward and, depending on how you choose to travel, isn’t particularly expensive either. That leaves you plenty of money for all that sun cream and all those souvenirs.


    Images by OakleyOriginals, vasile23 and, used under Creative Commons licence

Author: Carol Oconnor