The day trips you have to take in Sharm El Sheikh

“Sharm El Sheikh is one of those places that visitors simply love”

It really is one of those places that allow you to get away from it all…

  • The day trips you have to take in Sharm El Sheikh

    Sharm El Sheikh is one of those places that visitors simply love. It really is one of those places that allow you to get away from it all. Some like to bask in the sun by the pool, whereas others like just as much to get out and explore despite enjoying this undeniable bliss. They’ll be delighted, as Sharm El Sheikh offers access to a refreshing mixture of culture, adventure and nature. Here are some of the day trips that you must take while on holiday in Sharm El Sheikh.

    Scuba diving

    Scuba diving in Sharm el Sheikh

    If there’s one thing that Sharm El Sheikh particularly excels in, it’s the scope of scuba diving opportunities available in the area, giving visitors the chance to explore natural wonders and cool off under the Sharm sun at the same time. One of the most popular places for this is Ras Mohammed National Park, located approximately 20 kilometres south of Sharm El Sheikh. The Shark Reef and Yolanda Reef are beloved scuba diving spots within the park. You can see hammerhead sharks, grey sharks, tuna, sting rays, giant moray eels, barracuda and, quintessentially Ras Mohammed, angel fish. Couple all this with the coral reefs and you have a sensationally beautiful Sharm El Sheikh diving experience.

    Day trips in Cairo

    Day trip to Cairo Sharm el Sheikh       

    While you’re in Sharm El Sheikh, you should make the most of your time to explore Egypt’s capital city, Cairo, or ‘Masr’, as the locals call it (‘the capital’). This means taking a trip to the great pyramids of Giza, located not far from the city. The pyramids were built with the entrances aligned with the Pole Star as it would have been positioned 4, 500 years ago. The external funerary temples face eastwards towards the rising sun while the internal tomb looks onwards towards the west, the Land of the Dead. You can also see the Sphinx.

    In the city itself you should also visit the Egyptian Museum, host to some 160, 000 objects that relate 500 years of Egyptian history. The museum has a huge 107 halls and artefacts concentrated mostly on the pharaonic period of Egypt’s history, though there are items from the prehistoric and Roman period.

    Day trip to Luxor

    Day trip to Luxor Sharm el Sheikh

    Take the time to explore Luxor and you can marvel at even more remnants of Egypt’s famous past. Visit the Karnak Temple, with its striking hypostyle hall; the immense Luxor Temple on the east part of the Nile; or the Valley of the Kings, where the tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered along with his treasures, located on the west bank of the Nile. If you stay around Luxor until the evening, you can capture a mesmerising sound and light show.

    Exploring Luxor on foot is fun, but there are other cool ways you can do it too. If you’re on your Egyptian break with a partner, you might be tempted to travel around the city in a romantic horse-drawn carriage. On the other hand, if you’ve come to Egypt in search of adventure, exploration by quad might be more your style!

    A visit to Sharm El Sheikh offers a chance to explore. You can venture below sea level and experience the joys of the natural world, take to a quad and enjoy four-wheeled thrills or, if you’re hungry for history, get out and about and learn about Egypt’s ancient past. Book your holiday with us for a fantastic Egyptian holiday experience.

    Images by skuds, and juliegomoll, used under Creative Commons licence   

Author: Charlotte Brenner