Top 5 Activities for Families to Make Christmas Extra Magical

“The colder months are on their way and there is already the faint sound of sleigh bells ringing in the distance”

It can only mean one thing: Christmas is coming…

  • Top 5 Activities for Families to Make Christmas Extra Magical

    The colder months are on their way and there is already the faint sound of sleigh bells ringing in the distance. It can only mean one thing: Christmas is coming. Our minds have already been wandering to what cinnamon variation of Yankee candle we’ll get. To get you in the mood, we’ve put together a list of the five favourite things to do at Christmas with your family.

    Making your own advent calendar

    Tiny tree shaped chocolates are nice, but making your own advent calendar is the way forward. A good activity to keep the kids busy at the weekend or over the Halloween holidays, making one from scratch means you have something personalised to hold on to year after year. The key to a great Christmas chart is in the ‘size and the prize’. It can be as big and as impressive as you want and the kids can pick what the goodies that will go inside — it could be sweets or a trip to the park, it’s up to them!

    Picking a tree

    It’s not Christmas in the house until the tree goes up, so finding one that sets that warm, festive tone is important. Measure how big it should be and take your time in the garden centre to get the right size. Perhaps you’ll have to trim the tree a little, but any hassle will be forgotten because no matter how much you have to cut it down, the kids will still be smiling in the knowledge that that’s where Santa will leave their toys on Christmas morning.

    Christmas shopping

    Christmas Markets

    There are two types of Christmas shoppers: those that have it all done before December’s even started and those that leave it to the last minute. Either way it doesn’t have to be a headache. Make an evening of it and go for the turning on of the Christmas lights, or if you’re in Dublin or Belfast, check out the International Christmas market for a bratwurst and a mulled wine.


    If you’ve ever brought your child to see Santy in a shopping centre, you’ll know how it makes their eyes light up. Now imagine if you told them you’re taking them to the North Pole. They’ll be delighted. Listening to stories from old man reindeer, playing in the snow, meeting the big man himself, attending elf school and even visiting Santa’s post office, the list goes on. Those are just a few of the unbelievable activities your kids can enjoy in Lapland. To make your Christmas extra special, book an unforgettable trip to Lapland at your local Falcon travel shop.

    Lapland for Christmas

    Christmas party

    The merriest time of year brings together all those people you don’t see enough of at other times. It’s a terrific excuse for a party. The kids will run around as happy as a Christmas elf in their best clothes and you can catch up with family and old pals. What’s not to love about a festive fiesta?

    Just like the famous Slade tune, we wish it could be Christmas everyday.

    Belfast market picture by mrmanc, Grey Hobbit, Heather Sunderland used under Creative Commons licence  

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Author: Elaine Slator