5 Unbelievable Ways to Surprise Your Kids at Christmas

“Nothing matches the excitement of being a kid at Christmas”

You count the days down on your calendar…

  • 5 Unbelievable Ways to Surprise Your Kids at Christmas

    Nothing matches the excitement of being a kid at Christmas. You count the days down on your calendar. You put up the tree with your family. You’ve sent your Christmas list to Santa and have put out a mince pie for him Christmas Eve, along with a carrot for Rudolph of course, and then wait patiently listening for the clip clop of little hooves on the roof. You wake up on Christmas morning and see a pile of presents under the tree. If all these traditional joys are not enough, here are 5 more magical ways to make this Christmas extra special.

    A new pet

    At some point in their formative years every child has begged their parents for a new pet for Christmas, whether it’s a puppy, a kitten or something smaller and low maintenance like a hamster. This is a familiar request for any parent. Why not grant their wish this Christmas? A pet will teach children about responsibility and caring for another’s needs. Not only that, they’re fun too!

    A trip to Lapland

    The ultimate Christmas present for any child would be a trip to Lapland. Head to Santa’s workshop to be greeted by elves and enjoy activities like carol singing, sleigh rides, a train tour round Santa’s workshop and getting to meet Santa himself! There’s not a single child that wouldn’t enjoy this experience. However, it’s not just all about the kids. Grown-ups can wrap up and go for snowy walks through the pine trees, then warm up with a drink at the Ice Queen’s Bar and Gallery while admiring all the impressive ice sculptures.

    Falcon Holiday’s offer day trips to Rovaneimi, Finland, from Dublin airport from just €639 per adult & €539 per child. Or from Belfast International airport from just £439 per adult & £379 per adult.

    Leaving a note from Santa

    If you can’t make it to meet Santa in person you can still inspire some festive cheer in your family by leaving notes from Santa. Kids will love to hear that their lists have been read and that they won’t be waking up to a lump of coal in their stocking.

    Snow machine

    If there is one image synonymous with Christmas it’s a white Christmas. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Instead of leaving it to fate, create your own winter wonderland. Snow machines can be purchased fairly cheaply these days and will make your Christmas celebrations unforgettable for years to come.

    Amazing Christmas lights

    Everyone loves putting decorations up for Christmas. Go all out this year and make your home the envy of all the neighbours with your amazing display. You’ll feel like a kid again, just standing back and admiring your handiwork of a house adorned with twinkling lights. Christmas doesn’t have to last just one day a year.

    Christmas is undoubtedly the most wonderful time of the year. You can revel in the vibe of Lapland at Christmas time or you can put up a few extra lights. Either way, you can be sure this festive season will be special. The smile on the kids’ faces will be a gift in itself.  Make it happen with Falcon Holidays.


    Images by Phil Roeder, Tarja Rhyannen Mitrovic and Kirt Edblom, used under Creative Commons licence

Author: Charlotte Brenner