5 Reasons You Should Plan a Beach Wedding

“We all know that planning a wedding takes a lot of organisation”

You want to pull out all the stops to make your special day be as memorable as possible…

  • 5 Reasons You Should Plan a Beach Wedding

    We all know that planning a wedding takes a lot of organisation. You want to pull out all the stops to make your special day be as memorable as possible. In this quest for the perfect wedding day, why not get married on the beach in an exceptionally sunny location like Jamaica or Cancun?  In fact, there are at least 5 good reasons why you should plan a beach wedding.

    Originality is your middle name

    How many people can say that their wedding aisle was made of sand? Not many. If you’re looking to have a unique wedding that will be talked about fondly for years to come, a beach wedding is just the thing for you. That way, it’s more than just one special day, but an experience shared by your friends and family with lasting memories for everyone involved.

    Bonus vacation

    Not only do you have an amazing wedding day, but you also have a fantastic holiday into the bargain. You can get married and have your honeymoon in the same location, which simplifies things considerably. In addition, just being on the beach instantly makes you feel more relaxed, and this helps to give both you and your guests the best experience possible.


    Magical wedding photos

    Most wedding photos are gorgeous — how could they not be with everyone dressed up and positively glowing with pride and happiness?  Now, imagine those same laughing faces set against a beach sunset or highlighted by tropical flowers…you have to admit there’s a certain appeal.  And, on top of that wedding day glow, you and your guests will have stunning tans that allow them to fit in perfectly with the surroundings.

    Shorter guest list

    One of the benefits of having a beach wedding is the fact that you’ll be in a beautiful location with only your closest family and friends.  Weddings can be expensive, but a beach wedding can help you to cut down on costs and also lends an intimate and truly special air to the event.

    Minimize stress, maximise enjoyment

    Wedding planning inevitably comes with a certain level of stress, but many resorts in popular wedding destinations like Cancun or Montego Bay have packages that strive to make those worries melt away. Anything from on-site wedding coordinators who, depending on the package, can facilitate the complete set-up of both the ceremony and reception, in addition to private dinners and even cocktail hours. Perks like massages for the bride and groom and specialty room rates for guests may also be part of the arrangement.


    Book your wedding in Cancun or Montego Bay now and you could have more than just a relaxed experience, but one that absolutely brims with charm, fun and, most importantly, love.

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Author: Charlotte Brenner