Beat the Winter Blues with the Songs That Will Take You Back to Summer

“The snow is starting to fall, the decorations are going up and people are staying indoors”

The cold weather may be very well messing with your mood…

  • Beat the Winter Blues with the Songs That Will Take You Back to Summer

    The snow is starting to fall, the decorations are going up and people are staying indoors. The cold weather may be very well messing with your mood. If that’s the case, it’s time get back into the summertime groove. Listen to this playlist and feel as if the sunshine is finally shining again.

    Demi Lovato — Cool For the Summer

    If the fact that ‘summer’ is in the title doesn’t have you feeling the heatwave, the synthesized pop backed by Demi Lovato’s melodic voice will. This song is all about losing inhibitions and living in the moment.

    The Weekend — Can’t Feel My Face

    After ‘Sweater Weather’ we all expected big things from The Weekend, but no one could’ve anticipated the insanely catchy ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ to become a supersound of the summer. Dance your way back into those sunny feelings with smooth vocals and a great beat.

    Chris Brown — Five More Hours

    You can’t keep still when this song is playing. The auto-tuned heights of Chris Brown get you psyched for whatever plans you have for the night. Whether you’re staying in and having a living room dance party or getting ready to hit the clubs, this song is a great pre-jam to set the tone for the night.

    David Zowie — House Every Weekend

    Right from the first notes, this song places you in the zone. With a slight trance feeling, it promotes ‘letting yourself go’ (a summery sentiment if ever there was one). This will instantly transport you to that underground club with the coloured strobe lights that gets seriously jumping after 3.00 am.

    Clean Bandit – Rather Be (ft. Jess Glynne)

    With its lyrics and heavy instrumental feel, this song makes you want to go for a run in the sun. The bass line really drives the song forward and the beat just keeps on giving.  

    Fifth Harmony — Worth It ft. Kid Ink

    From the moment the horns sound you’ll feel instantly ready to party and the message just pushes this song even further. If you didn’t have at least one ladies night with this song as your anthem for the night, then you didn’t have a real summer. Don’t worry — it’s not too late!

    Jason Derulo — Want To Want Me

    Jason Derulo knows how to make hits and this song is no exception. ‘Want to Want Me’ is one of the more versatile songs on this list. It goes well with a game of beach volleyball as it does with a sunset drive or a serenade for that special someone.

    OMI — Cheerleader

    ‘Cheerleader’ was a golden hit of the summer — partly because we couldn’t get it out of our heads if we tried, and partly because of the unique vocals that accompany the seductive beat.  This is the one you and your friends know all of the words to!

    Uptown Funk — Mark Ronson

    Here we have a cheerful, lively tune with attitude. The rhythm pulls you out of your seat and onto the dance floor and make the most of the summery vibe. Don’t believe us? Just watch!

    Carly Rae Jepson — I Really Like You

    Between the adorable music video with Tom Hanks and Jepson’s musical magic this song will make you want to skip down a rainbow with cartoon birds singing backup vocals. This song is the pessimism buster!

    Galantis — Runaway (U & I)

    This is another perfect song for (attempting) to sing along.  Trying to pull off the high notes in the chorus will get everyone laughing and the psychedelic background music will make you feel like you’re surfing the waves again.

    Jesse Glynne — Hold My Hand


    Did you have a summer love?  If so, this is probably the song you sang to them.  The lyrics are all about being stronger together and make you feel ten feet tall by the time you’re done singing and dancing along.

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Author: Carol Oconnor