Exploring Rhodes on a Budget

“Getting the most out of your holiday doesn’t mean you always have to spend, spend, spend”

You can explore the destination of Rhodes comfortably and not have to worry about the amount that it will cost…

  • Exploring Rhodes on a Budget

    Getting the most out of your holiday doesn’t mean you always have to spend, spend, spend. You can explore the destination of Rhodes comfortably and not have to worry about the amount that it will cost. This is our guide to exploring Rhodes and spending that little bit less but still having an amazing holiday.


    The waves lap gently onto the beach, the sun warms your skin and the crowds fade into the background. Spending time on the beaches of Rhodes will keep more of the euros in your pocket. Many beaches won’t charge you admission, although you may have to pay to rent beach chairs and for drinks and food. With the right planning, however, you can avoid any cost at the beach. Grab a stand-up umbrella, some towels and a cooler and you’ll have the perfect beach picnic.


    Canoes on a beach in Rhodes


    You can explore a piece of history for only a few euros and there are generally discounts available for kids, students and the elderly. Our first suggestion is to visit the medieval city of Rhodes. This UNESCO World Heritage site has an intriguing history behind it. Much of the city was taken over by the Knights Hospitaller during the 15th century and The Knights Street is one of the most well-preserved in Europe. Other points of interest include the Knight’s Hospital, the Archaeological Museum and the ruins of the Temple of Aphrodite.

    Second on our recommended list is the Acropolis of Lindos. For less than 10 euros you get access to a castle built by the Knights Hospitaller, the ruins of the 300 BC Doric Temple of Athena Lindia and views of the Aegean from this rocky peak.  

    The final attraction on our list is the Kalithea Springs, which attracted attention for their healing powers. Today they house a collection of art and beautiful pebble mosaics. Entrance is 3 euros and the springs are a frequently used venue for concerts, festivals and exhibitions.


    Ialyssos is an ancient city built around the hill of Filerimos which has its own acropolis. However, the real gem of the city is the monastery of Panagia Filerimos. You can access the monastery by foot — the walk is 4.5 km through pine forests with plenty of places to stop and rest. Admission to the monastery in this pleasant day trip location is just 3 euros.

    Alongside Ialyssos and Lindos, Kamiros is one of the oldest places on Rhodes. Everywhere you walk in this city there are ruins of important buildings from the Hellenistic-Roman times. You’ll see the remains of at least three historic temples, traces of the original central street and aqueduct, and even some foundations from houses.


    A monastery you can visit while in Rhodes on a budget break


    There are a few restaurants on Rhodes that give you a good price for delicious food. In general, if you stick to smaller cafes further away from the main tourist areas you’ll find cheaper, more authentic food.

    In Rhodes town, try Koykos Café which serves up traditional fare like spinach pies and tapas or the Luna Bar which offers a mix of Western favourites like burgers with local food like gyros. In Lindos, the food is accompanied by beautiful views at places like Mythos Restaurant or the Acropolis Roof Garden restaurant.


    A food dish that you can eat while in Rhodes on a budget break

    Whether you simply explore Rhodes town or venture out and about on the island, you’ll find a plethora of sites and attractions that fall well within the budget. Enjoy your trip!

Author: Carol Oconnor