• Carol Oconnor

    When you fly to a long haul destination, the one thing you accept is that you might have to cope with a little jet lag. Some people even book an extra day or two off to recover.

    However, what if there was a way to beat jet lag and reach your destination bright eyed and bushy tailed and, most importantly, feel no jet lag? With a bit of preparation before you travel, you can have one of the best flights of your life and start your long haul holidays with bags of energy to spare.

    This is our guide to how to avoid jet lag on your next long haul flight.

    Person in an airport proceeding to gate for a long haul flight

    Adjust your sleeping habits before you travel

    The best way to prepare for long haul flights is to start a few days in advance. Change your bedtimes to align with your destination — if you’re flying west go to bed a bit later and if you’re flying east go to bed a bit earlier. Get a good night’s sleep the night before your flight and you’ll be well on your way to fending off jet lag.

    Style it out with some sunglasses

    Don’t just keep your sunglasses for use on the beach: they come in handy for blocking out light when you’re on a long haul flight and want to get some sleep. Another option is to use a sleep mask, which is light, compact and easy to pack. Then you can keep your sunglasses for the beach and stay stylish on holiday if you wish!

    Relaxing on the beach in a long haul destination after a long haul flight

    Change your clocks ASAP

    The next step is to change your clocks when you board your flight. That means phones, watches and tablets. Seize the chance to take a time out from social media so you’re not always comparing your destination’s time zone with your home time zone. By adjusting to your holiday destination’s local time as early as possible, your internal body clock has a better chance of catching up with you and saving you from jet lag.

    Go teetotal

    Dehydration makes jet lag feel worse than it really is, so skip the free booze offered on long haul flights and stick to water to keep yourself feeling refreshed and hydrated. Plus, drinking plenty of water flushes toxins from your body and has loads of health benefits like clearer skin, regulating body temperature and helping to beat bad breath!

    Drinking several glasses of water on a long haul flight to beat jet lag

    How to get rid of jet lag

    If your flight has touched down and you hadn’t been able to make any of these preparation, you’ll be asking ‘How long does jet lag last?’ The answer is, it varies between people and the amount of time difference. The good news is, taking a walk outside instead of napping during the day or as soon as you arrive is an effective way of coping with jet lag and you’ll feel much better.

    This works because exercise and sunlight both contribute to making you feel tired. With a little help from some earplugs and that trusty sleeping mask, you’ll be well on your way to a restful night’s sleep and a refreshing start to your holiday.

    Follow these tips for a comfortable long haul flight and get your holiday under way with ease. Why not browse our long haul holidays and see where your next adventure could be?