How to Organise the Perfect Family Holiday at Christmas

“Winter holidays are one of life’s little indulgences”

When it’s cold and dark outside, there is nothing better than a little holiday anticipation to keep you going, especially at Christmas time…

  • How to Organise the Perfect Family Holiday at Christmas

    Winter holidays are one of life’s little indulgences. When it’s cold and dark outside, there is nothing better than a little holiday anticipation to keep you going, especially at Christmas time. Whether you jet off for a sunshine holiday on the other side of the world, or take a city break closer to home, winter holidays are the best!

    Here are some tips on organising the perfect winter getaway with your family at Christmas.

    Choose a destination together

    Child looking over the back of his seat on an aeroplane at his family at the start of a holiday

    This might sound like a recipe for chaos, but it’s a lovely way to choose a holiday. Let the kids use their imaginations to come up with holiday ideas and then gently point them in the direction of places that match their suggestions. It’s easy for parents to organise everything, but involving your children in the decision making will get the whole family excited about travelling.

    Almost every destination that you think of will have something for kids and adults to enjoy. Sharing the decision on where to go this winter is an especially important step with teenagers, who will value having their input acknowledged.

    Set the mood

    Get the family bubbling with anticipation, by watching films and TV related to your destination. You could even cook a meal that relates to your choice. If Tenerife is your holiday destination this winter, for example, now is your golden opportunity to try preparing some tapas!

    Do your research

    Check out the kinds of activities and attractions on offer at your destination before you travel, and then you’ll be able to book important excursions and get creative with your itinerary. Don’t miss out on something special just because you didn’t know about it!

    Remember to incorporate some downtime into your itinerary as well. Balance activities and sightseeing with time on the beach or winding down in the hotel.

    Plan time apart

    Hammock on a beach, conveying the image of a relaxing holiday

    Family holidays at Christmas bring you and your loved ones in a new environment amid the magical atmosphere of the festive season. However, you can only have so much of a good thing before people get cranky, so plan some time out for yourself, too.  

    Don’t feel bad about stealing a few hours away from the kids for yourself: it’s often the best way to refresh your energy during a busy winter break. Besides, most kids will enjoy having a little time away from the watchful eyes of mum and dad!

    Book a winter cruise

    One of the best ways to take your family away at Christmas time with a minimum of hassle is on a cruise. This could be a warm weather cruise into the Western Med or a cultural cruise to the charms of the Eastern Med, or even a cruise to spend some lazy days on the Canary Islands. Going on a cruise allows you to visit multiple destinations and enjoy hospitality, entertainment and cuisine all for one fixed price. Organising an action-packed holiday has never been so easy.

    Today’s ocean liners accommodate families of all sizes. Children will have plenty to do, such as going to the cinema, rock-climbing, golf and swimming. They may even wish to get competitive and enter an on-board table tennis tournament or basketball competition. Adults might like to take it easy during the day at workshops such as cookery and dancing, and in the evenings families can enjoy live music or see a show.  

    See our variety of holidays and get yourself away this Christmas for some quality time with your family.

Author: Carol Oconnor