Ending the Year on a High: Daring Activities You Can Do in Tenerife

“Some people head to Tenerife to just laze around in the sun on the island’s beaches”

Some come over to revel in the nightlife scene…

  • Ending the Year on a High: Daring Activities You Can Do in Tenerife

    Some people head to Tenerife to just laze around in the sun on the island’s beaches. Some come over to revel in the nightlife scene. To both, we say, ‘Why not?’ But today, we want to recognise the adrenaline lovers who go in search of action and thrills. If adventure travel is the aim of your trip, then we can promise Tenerife will meet and beat your expectations. Here are some of the best extreme sports and adventure activities you can try out on your Canary Island getaway.


    This is the latest adventure pursuit on water that is taking the island by storm and is available in some of Tenerife’s top tourists spots, such as Las Americas, Costa Adeje and Los Cristianos. For those new to the party, it’s a cross between jet skiing and hoverboarding. You simply stand on a board or jet pack (very futuristic sounding, we know!), which is attached to a hose connected to a jet ski, and then hang tough while the jet ski zips along. You’ll be travelling through the air. Is this as extreme, edgy and exhilarating as it sounds? Yes, it is!

    An image of someone engaging in the adventure travel activity of flyboarding, with the sun shining bright in the background

    Image by Maguide, used under Creative Commons licence 2.0


    Perhaps you’d like to get your kicks not on the water, but from above. In that case, you’ll want to try some paragliding. If you’re feeling a little nervous about doing it all by yourself, you don’t have to since most paragliding trip operators will tandem flights, which means an instructor will accompany you throughout the flight for a safe glide and landing.

    One of the best places to take up this thrilling activity is in Costa Adeje. There’s nothing like gliding over the Adeje mountains and gazing down below as the people of Tenerife go nonchalantly about their business. Early afternoon is a good time to go paragliding because there are fewer clouds than later in the day and it’s also a little warmer than the morning.

    Image of an adventure traveller and paragliding instructor flying together over Tenerife under a parachute and taking a selfie at the same time


    The island tantalises adrenaline junkies who are seeking adventures on the waves with some superb beaches, ideal for windsurfing. You’ll find some of the best spots in La Caleta and El Medano, both in the south of the island. When the winds are blowing West North West to North North West, that’s the time to get out on your board: these are just the conditions that windsurfers dream of!

    Image of a traveller out on windsurfing adventure in Tenerife   

    Whether it’s your first time on the board or you’re an old hand, El Medano Bay is a terrific spot for all levels. The spot is popular the whole year round because of the sublime circumstances for surfing and windsurfing.  A wind speed above 25 knots will create the right for windsurfing, whereas anything below that is better for sailboats.

    The Canary Island of Tenerife is the spot to get adventurous, allowing you to tackle the waters or take to the air. Of course, there’s a lot more excitement to be found. For instance, how about climbing Mount Teide, Spain’s tallest mountain? Whichever activity you choose, you’ll be glad you choose Tenerife for your adventure holiday.

Author: Carol Oconnor