6 Reasons to Go Travelling the World in 2017

“A year is a long time – but it can drift by pretty quickly if you don’t have a plan”

Before you know it, November has come around again and you haven’t been anywhere…

  • 6 Reasons to Go Travelling the World in 2017

    A year is a long time – but it can drift by pretty quickly if you don’t have a plan. Before you know it, November has come around again and you haven’t been anywhere. Did you fulfil your travel dreams last year?

    If the answer to the above question is ‘No’, maybe you’re thinking about holidaying in style this year with a big trip, or a series of exciting shorter trips. For those of you whose fingers are hovering over the ‘Book now’ button, here are six reasons to go travelling the world in 2017.

    To explore

    So many of us live within the same 50-mile radius for much of the year – it’s time to break out of your daily routine and see something different. Going to a new country is fascinating. Even the most ordinary things will seem different and exotic, and simply strolling around will turn into a stimulating fact-finding mission. Travelling somewhere we’ve never been before is the only way to truly satisfy our childlike desires.  

    Food and drink

    Cooking is the 21st century rock and roll, with countless food and drink programmes taking over our screens. Millions of us watch cooking shows in the evenings in which celebrity chefs visit other countries. 2017 is your chance to get out and try some of the food you have been watching on TV. Feast on tapas on the sun-soaked coast of Spain, or freshly cooked pasta in a hilltop restaurant in Italy. Foodies – this is your chance!

    Image of people outdoors on the terrace of a bar eating and drinking

    To improve your language skills

    Learning a language is a fantastic life goal. With your enhanced linguistic prowess, you can travel with more freedom and confidence, taking on new challenges as you go. OK, so a two-week holiday in the sun might not get you to complete fluency in your chosen language, but it can certainly help you hone your skills.

    To shake things up

    Stuck in a rut? Travelling is one of the best ways to kick start your life into gear. Live in the moment, experience life at a gentler (or faster) pace, and see how much better you feel afterwards. Holidays have the magical power of putting us back in touch with ourselves. And, also, how great is it getting a suntan?

    Travel photo with a close up of a young couple on a jeep on safari and taking pictures

    To increase confidence

    Whether you travel solo or with others, travelling increases confidence. This is particularly true for solo travellers, who have to overcome many challenges on the road. Even reasonably simple things like ordering a taxi in a foreign country or finding your way to a famous landmark can add up to give you a real sense of achievement. When you come home, you’ll be able to do anything!

    To meet new people

    In our daily lives, we can shut off quite easily from the rest of the world, making it hard to connect on any meaningful level with other people. Holidays relax us, encouraging us to open up and just be ourselves. Even if you don’t strike up a conversation with a random person, this sense of openness helps to forge deeper connections with our travelling companions.  

    So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets, pack your suitcase and start travelling the world in 2017. There’s a world waiting for you out there!

Author: Carol Oconnor