Mexico vs Jamaica: Which Paradise to Visit

“Imagine Mexican palms swaying gently on the Caribbean coastline”

Now picture a balmy Jamaican sun beating down on soft grains of white sand…

  • Mexico vs Jamaica: Which Paradise to Visit

    Imagine Mexican palms swaying gently on the Caribbean coastline. Now picture a balmy Jamaican sun beating down on soft grains of white sand. When you’re choosing your next holiday in the sun, it’s vital to consider several factors. Mexico or Jamaica? Delicious tacos or exquisite jerk chicken? Whatever your preference, let us guide you to the right choice.

    Holidays in Mexico

    Visiting Mexico offers everything from enriching Mayan ruins to family-friendly beaches, alongside unique and charming local cuisine. Discover the Caribbean Coast and dive deep amongst the exotic coral of Contoy Island. Travel further inland and explore the sacred ruins of Chichen-Itza, or swim with dolphins at Xel-Ha Eco Park.

    Mexican food by the sea

    With beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean, holidaymakers here are quite simply spoilt for choice. Walking along the beaches of Riviera Maya, you’ll often hear busking mariachi bands – traditional Mexican music dating back to the 18th century. Along with some spicy enchiladas, this is guaranteed to leave you with an unforgettable taste of Mexico.

    Family entertainment

    There’s no shortage of entertainment for the kids, especially if you venture inland to the natural wonders of the Yucatan Peninsula. Here, you’ll experience adventures you’ll treasure for years to come. Speed boat your way through mangrove swamps or embark on jungle treks through rainforest paths. Days here can get messy, so make sure you bring a change of clothes!

    … and some moonlit cocktails

    On your return to the hotel, why not have a well-earned cocktail by the poolside? Mexico is the home of famous tequila based cocktails such as the Margarita – the perfect accompaniment to a luscious tropical sunset.

    Shot of a diver in Contoy Bay, Mexico, swimming towards the camera

    Holidays in Jamaica

    Crossing the Caribbean, you dock at the palm-flanked beaches of Negril. With postcard-perfect scenery, it’s easy to lose yourself to the dreamy waters lapsing across the Seven Mile beach. These coral sands stretch from the hotels and resorts of the coast, to dramatic cliffs on the far-west.

    Keep the kids happy…

    If you’re after a fun family day out, visit Kool Runnings Waterpark. There’s flumes and pools for all ages, but for the daredevil in you, there’s the Jamaica Bobsled Ride. Named after the island’s national bobsled team of 1988, its sweeping twists and turns have made it one of the park’s most prized attractions.

    …and visit historic sites?

    Whilst on holiday, be sure to visit the lighthouse in the south west of the city. The Fresnel lens has steered many-a-ship to safety since being built in 1894, so it’s a must-see attraction in Negril.

    An hour from the lighthouse, you’ll find Montego Bay Marine Park, the multi-coloured coral waters of which make it a prime spot for snorkelling. You can dive in an eco-friendly manner in this protected marine park and experience unforgettable underwater scenery.

    After you’ve resurfaced, grab some souvenirs from the markets near Harbour Street. Straw hats a-plenty, here you’ll find a slice of Jamaica to bring to friends and family back home.

    Shot of some souvenirs, including cigars, on a market stall in Jamaica

    So – Mexico or Jamaica?

    Drawn in by the currents of Riviera Maya? Swooned by the longing shores of Negril? Whether you’re holidaying in Mexico or Jamaica, you’ll leave the Caribbean desperate to return once again. See the destinations we offer in Jamaica and Mexico and book your holiday for a gorgeous getaway.

Author: Carol Oconnor