Bellisimo: 6 Reasons to Love Italy

“Once you’ve travelled to Italy, it will always have a hold on you”

Years on from your visit, you’ll think back to the sun setting over an Italian vista and a weight will be lifted…

  • Bellisimo: 6 Reasons to Love Italy

    Once you’ve travelled to Italy, it will always have a hold on you. Years on from your visit, you’ll think back to the sun setting over an Italian vista and a weight will be lifted. It’s that kind of place. Restful. Rejuvenating.

    Italy is a country that has many layers to unpeel. Here are some of the things that make it worth the trip.

    The Italian way of life

    Italian society is very much family-oriented, a trait which shines through in everyday life. Sitting around a table eating a hearty meal with family and friends is a daily occurrence, and it feels very natural to do this on a break there. Throw in some good wine and lively conversation and you realise that the Italians have got the right idea.

    The Amalfi Coast

    Long shot of the popular holiday destination the Amalfi Coast, in Italy

    Italy has many popular holiday destinations, but not many are as glamorous as the sun-soaked Amalfi Coast. This UNESCO-listed coastline is dotted with charming towns and rugged rocky scenery that have inspired artists and writers for centuries. The medieval town of Amalfi is a sunny hotchpotch of villas and winding streets that will delight those with a painterly eye. Explore this gorgeous coast on boat trips, taking time to call in on fashionable islands like Capri.

    The canals of Venice

    We could have chosen any of Italy’s famous cities to highlight. The ancient splendour of Rome, the chic sprawl of Milan, the artistry of Florence… but there’s something particularly special about the canals of Venice. This floating city is brimming with culture, beautiful churches and squares – all linked together by the sparkling water of its canals. Take a gondola ride or hitch a water taxi to see sights like Piazza San Marco in style.

    Long shot of the canals of the Italian city of Venice

    Pizza Napoli

    We all know how good Italian food is, but you haven’t lived until you’ve tried it at the source. Wherever you travel in Italy, you’ll find sumptuous local cuisine, made with the utmost love and attention. To try the best pizza in the world, stop off at Naples, in Italy’s Campania region. Naples is thought to be the home of pizza, and the distinctive pizza Napoli (made with black olives and anchovies) is a flavoursome prospect.

    Italian wine

    From the most expensive Barolo to the humblest table wine, the Italians know how to fix a drink. A small glass of wine is enjoyed at lunchtime in Italy, a habit which will please wine aficionados everywhere. Wine tours are a convenient way to sip a glass or two and seeing more of Italy at the same time on holiday.


    Medium range shot of an Italian city cafe that serves gelato

    Along with wine, another Italian speciality is gelato – ice cream. Naturally, the Italians put their own spin on this classic dessert. The result is an ice cream which is slightly denser and richer than most regular ice creams. Small artisan shops produce the best gelato and a large cone is the perfect accompaniment to a walk around town or the beach. Eat it before it melts!

    Italy holidays are a real treat for the senses – the sights, sounds and smells of Italy will live long in your memory. Explore our holidays to this Mediterranean jewel and create those happy moments.

Author: Carol Oconnor