Italy With the Bambini: Best Places to Go with Kids in Italy

“Leave the soft play and bad weather behind”

Embrace a holiday of sunshine, authentic Italian food and bonding time with your little ones…

  • Italy With the Bambini: Best Places to Go with Kids in Italy

    Leave the soft play and bad weather behind. Embrace a holiday of sunshine, authentic Italian food and bonding time with your little ones. Italy is renowned for its beauty and with resorts that offer beach fun, historic discovery and everything in between, what better place is there for a family holiday? Whether you’re already planning a trip to Italy or shopping around for ideas for your summer vacation, these are some of the best places to go with kids in Italy.

    Cycle around Sorrento

    Sorrento is a fantastic base for family holidays. Hire some bikes and ride around the area, taking in the wonderful views over the Bay of Naples. Pack a picnic or stop off at a local restaurant for a delicious Italian lunch. Choose from pizza, pasta and fresh fish and you’re sure to find a meal that pleases the palate of even the fussiest of eaters.

    Long shot of Sorrento, Italy

    Discover the secrets of Pompeii

    Are your children budding historians? Or maybe they love exploring and getting a bit mucky? Take a day trip from Sorrento to Pompeii to satisfy your family’s curiosity about the mystery that surrounds the ancient city of Pompeii. Once thought to have been destroyed by a volcanic eruption, it was discovered in 1599 that Pompeii and its artefacts had defied beliefs and been preserved in almost pristine condition.

    The city’s remains are a short 40-minute train journey from Sorrento and you can make your visit extra special by arranging a tour guide for your excursion. Tour guides provide extra insight into Pompeii’s intriguing history and they’ll make sure that you get to see all the attractions you want to without getting lost!

    Shot of one of the streets of Pompeii, one of the most popular places to go with kids in Italy,

    Soak up Italian tradition in Venice

    Venice may have built a formidable reputation as a hotspot for romance, but it’s also a city filled with fun places for families to see. For genuine gelato, Venice is the place to be – it doesn’t get more family friendly than ice cream! Treat yourself and the children to a scoop or two, or even three – how about some stracciatella, for instance? – and you won’t be disappointed.

    When you’re in Venice, taking a ride on a traditional gondola is the best way to see the ‘floating city’. In fact, it’s a quintessential part of the Venetian experience, so don’t leave without boarding one of those gondolas! Why not admire the city from the water with a gelato in your hand and a song in your heart?

    Close up of a gelato ice cream in Venice, Italy

    Take a boat trip along the Amalfi Coast

    With some of the best beaches in the region, the Amalfi Coast is the ideal place to go on holiday with the kids. There are days of beach fun to be had and if you fancy a change of scenery, it’s easy to hop on a boat to explore the coast further or stop in at a neighbouring coastal destination.

    For a longer trip, book a day long boat trip along the Amalfi Coast and beyond. Your children will appreciate stopping off in new places and the regular swim breaks are perfect for water lovers.  

    Feeling inspired for a visit to Italy? Start researching family friendly hotels and you could be relaxing by the pool with your family before you know it!

Author: Carol Oconnor