• Carol Oconnor

    It’s hard to sleep when you’re going on holiday and are all excited about the refreshing change of scenery your destination is about to gift you. And when the holiday starts, there’s so much going on around you that it can disrupt your sleeping pattern even further. The tips below are our guide to how to sleep on a plane and other places so that you get the holiday rest you need – you’ll return home with happy memories and feeling suitably refreshed.

    Get ready to sleep

    Take some ear plugs and a travel mask with you. These will help you shut out noise, light and distractions, both during the flight and in your hotel, allowing you to drift off peacefully. If you’re flying overnight to a long-haul destination, the airline may provide you with a blanket, offering you that little bit of extra comfort. If you’re worried you won’t be comfortable during the flight, you can always bring a travel pillow with you.

    Avoid long naps when you arrive

    Landing after a long-haul flight, you might feel the urge to have a long nap when you arrive at your hotel – don’t, especially if you land in the morning. Resist this impulse and stay up all day followed by a walk in the evening, and you’ll stave off dreaded jet lag. The fresh air and the exercise will do you good. By doing this, you’re programming your body to adapt to the local time zone.

    Couple out and about, looking at attractions or landmarks in the city centre

    Choose a quiet room

    Some hotels or resorts can be a hive of activity, to say the least. Book yourself a room on a higher floor and you’ll take the edge off any noise from the lower building or the street outside. Ask for a spot away from the lift to avoid hearing the constant comings and goings of other guests. You don’t want any late night revellers waking you up!

    Remember that caffeine and alcohol disrupt sleep

    Nobody wants to stay in bed on holiday when there’s a world out there waiting for you to explore it. As tempting as it is to load up on coffee at breakfast table to keep you going throughout the day, this will catch up with you at night time if you go overboard. Go easy on the caffeine if you can’t do without it.

    Conventional wisdom holds that a glass of wine or two helps you to fall asleep. But in truth, alcohol can actually disturb your sleep patterns as the body struggles to cope with the different ingredients. Pour yourself some camomile tea instead! You could also buy a lavender candle when you’re out browsing the souvenir stores and marketplaces. Light it before you go to bed, but make sure you blow it out before going to sleep.

    Close up of a cup of camomile tea, which helps you to sleep easier on a night while travelling

    Follow these tips to get to sleep much easier on a plane and when you’ve reached your holiday destination. Cancelling out noise and thinking about what you eat or drink while on your break will make those sunny days away much more restful, leaving you to get on with the important business of enjoying your holiday. Sweet dreams!

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