5 Fantastic Destinations for Easter Holidays in 2017

“It won’t be long before Easter 2017 is here, the school term is over and you’re heading out on your holidays”

The kids won’t just be happy tucking into their Easter eggs: they’ll want to be out and about doing things…

  • 5 Fantastic Destinations for Easter Holidays in 2017

    It won’t be long before Easter 2017 is here, the school term is over and you’re heading out on your holidays. The kids won’t just be happy tucking into their Easter eggs: they’ll want to be out and about doing things. Here are a few suggestions as to where you can all go on your Easter holidays once that final school bell of the term goes.

    Easter holidays in the Costa del Sol

    Southern Spain is renowned for its Easter parades, and the Costa del Sol blesses them with temperatures of around 20°C. Up in the hills of Benalmadena, the locals take part in ‘El Paso’, their own theatrical version of The Passion of the Christ.

    For night time entertainment, why not try Good Friday’s midnight procession, ‘Virgen de la Soledad’? This tranquil and reflective affair is held in total silence – great news if you’re in search of a little peace and quiet…

    Easter sun and shows in Tenerife

    Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands, welcomes you with open arms at Easter. What passes for winter weather here is on the retreat, making locations feel more like summer than spring! And as you can imagine, the beaches will be busy as visitors get a head-start on summer and start sunning themselves early.

    There’s a lot going on in Tenerife at Easter time. In Costa Adeje, for instance, the community also recreate the last days of Jesus with their interpretation of The Passion of the Christ. Local TV broadcast the whole event, which starts at around midday lasting for two hours. If you visit, arrive early to get a good view as this attracts large crowds.

    An Easter holiday in vibrant Benidorm

    Long shot of the shores of Easter holidays 2017 destination Benidorm, in the Costa Brava

    During Easter, Benidorm, on the Costa Blanca, is especially vibrant as visitors come to get involved with the festivities. Temperatures in Benidorm hit around 19°C at this time, so on top of that they’ll get their fill of sunshine. The theme parks are just starting to open, ready to accommodate thrill-seeking tourists and locals alike!

    If you’ve travelled especially for the processions, you’re in luck. Like the rest of Spain’s churches, the churches of Benidorm stage these during Semana Santa (Holy Week). The most popular ones take place on Good Friday and Easter Sunday – mourners will wear black, bear candles and carry effigies of Jesus on the cross. Special masses also take place late on Saturday evening.

    Gran Canaria at Easter time

    The capital of Gran Canaria, Las Palmas, is where all the action is at during Easter. As well as the traditional celebrations, you can catch the Palm Sunday procession, in which devotees carry a statue of Jesus on a donkey. The statue represents Jesus’s journey into Jerusalem and is accompanied by children carrying palms and olive branches as it makes its way towards San Telmo Park, where a religious ceremony is held.

    While in Las Palmas, you should explore the old town of Vegueta, where you’ll find the impressive Santa Ana cathedral. In the old town, you can enjoy a slice of history with a visit to the Columbus Mansion (Casa de Colón), where Christopher Columbus is believed to have stayed before his voyage to North America.

    Easter in Lanzarote

    Long shot of Easter holidays 2017 destination Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands

    The marvellous thing about Lanzarote is that it’s so unspoilt. So, when you come here at Easter time, you can visit for the views and the sheer beauty of the landscapes. A major reason for this is the work of the island’s favourite son, César Manrique. This late artist and architect was a staunch environmentalist and, to prevent overdevelopment in Lanzarote, persuaded the authorities to forbid the construction of high-rise buildings and billboards.

    Take your chance to see the volcanic landscape in Timanfaya National Park (and maybe grab a meal at the famous El Diablo restaurant, where the food is cooked using thermal heat from a volcano). Soak up the sun on the soft, sandy beaches and splash around in the clear, warm waters.

    Why not kick start your travel year with an Easter spring getaway that brings both sun and culture? Pencil in some diary dates for your Easter holidays this year and book a holiday to one of these destinations.

Author: Carol Oconnor