• Charlotte Brenner

    Did you know that going on holiday can help make the world a better place? Yep, while you’re tucking into delicious local cuisine, going on exciting excursions, and even enjoying a luxury hotel stay, you might actually be helping the environment at the same time. If you ever needed an excuse to jet off on holiday – this is it.


    It’s all down to our commitment to sustainability. We collaborate with local communities and eco-friendly hotels to help keep the world a greener and fairer place, while we take you to loads of exciting destinations across the globe. TUI Group have been recognised as an industry leader in sustainable tourism, and have even been listed on the renowned Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 11 years in a row. So, because July marks the start of ‘Make Holidays Greener’ month, which this year runs for a bonus month in August too, we’re celebrating by letting you know five ways in which your holiday is helping the world…


    Our excursions take you to some of the world’s best attractions, and are all about discovering unique cultures, and making amazing holiday memories. And, the best part is, while you’re having the time of your life, you’re giving back to the community and helping tourism thrive in the destinations. Our TUI Collection excursions bring benefits to local people and protect the environment while helping you learn about the local culture, experience traditions and taste delicious cuisine. You’ll see the TUI Collection symbol next to these unique excursions – they’re enjoyed by 846,000 holidaymakers every year, and include everything from craft making and wine tasting to exploring hidden hamlets and meeting the friendly locals.


    If you’re fascinated by Mexican’s ancient Mayan culture, don’t miss the Coba Mayan Traditions excursion which takes you into the heart of the Mayan city of Coba. Here you’ll climb to the summit of the Great Pyramid of Coba, dine on Mexican cuisine and experience a traditional Mayan village ceremony – it’s the perfect culture-packed family day out. Or, if you’re Bulgaria bound, try the Hidden Bulgaria trip which includes a tour to a local village on a donkey-drawn cart, wine and brandy tasting, plus a traditional buffet lunch. There’s also the Taste and Traditions tour where you’ll get the chance to savour some of Bulgaria’s best honey. You’ll visit a bee farm, and then try freshly made local honey, mead and sweet honey brandy.



    We want you to get a real taste of your holiday destination, which means working with local suppliers and serving fresh cuisine made from locally-sourced ingredients in our hotels. The El Dorado Royale hotel in Mexico is one of the best of the bunch when it comes to being eco-friendly and serving fresh cuisine. It has a Rainforest Alliance Certified greenhouse on site which produces over 14 tons of fruit and vegetables every month to feed the entire hotel. So, not only are they sourcing fresh ingredients, they’re also committed to it.


    We invest in the newest, most carbon-efficient planes and we’re proud to say that Thomson Airways are officially Europe’s number one and number two most carbon-efficient airlines. Flying long-haul on a 787 Dreamliner plane is a great way to start your holiday – with the generous legroom, quieter engines, mood lighting, and extra oxygen to help you adjust to your new time zone and start your trip feeling refreshed. So now, you can rest assured that your eco-friendly flight contributes to keeping the air cleaner while you fly. TUI Group aims to keep up the good work, and have committed to reduce the carbon intensity of its operations by a further 10% by 2020.



    Our TUI Care Foundation supports over 41 projects in 20 different locations that aim to improve the lives of young people, care for the natural world and help local communities thrive. The most recent project is in collaboration with animal welfare group World Animal Protection to build an elephant friendly future in South East Asia. The aim is to protect around 1,500 Asian elephants in captivity by 2020, and help tourists experience wildlife responsibly in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka.


    Helping local communities is another focus of the Foundation, and two tours in Jamaica now work with local industries. On the City and Culture excursion, you’ll be able to visit a Rastafari Indigenous Village, meet the community leaders, see the stunning natural scenery and get a real taste of authentic local life. And, on the Montego Bay Experience tour, you’ll stop at the Harbour Street Craft Market to see artisans at work and purchase authentic handmade crafts. The foundation has also worked with the vendors to improve their sales techniques, business skills and team working to support the local business and the livelihood of tradesmen.


    Ready to help make the world a better place?

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