Behind-the-scenes of the TUI advert

“Our new all-singing, all-dancing TUI TV advert has finally been unveiled”

It features a stellar cast of performers, alongside our lead actress Bethany, shimmying their way through every stage of a TUI holiday – from flight to beach to restaurant – while encountering sidestepping crabs and twirling waiters…

  • Behind-the-scenes of the TUI advert

    Our new all-singing, all-dancing TUI TV advert has finally been unveiled. It features a stellar cast of performers, alongside our lead actress Bethany, shimmying their way through every stage of a TUI holiday – from flight to beach to restaurant – while encountering sidestepping crabs and twirling waiters. The spectacular La La Land-esque number was fun to make, entertaining to watch and perfectly encapsulates the fun and energy of a TUI holiday.

    If you’re wondering how it all came together and what it was like to film this year’s biggest ad (if we don’t say so ourselves), check out our behind-the-scenes video above, featuring exclusive interviews from the creative lead, the director and the choreographer of the shoot.

    Everything you need to know about how we filmed and choreographed our new TV ad.


    What was the inspiration behind the TUI advert?

    Here’s what the crew had to say…


    Pip Bishop – Creative Lead

    “The first thing we did was come up with the line ‘we cross the ‘T’s, dot the ‘I’s and put ‘U’ in the middle’ (to sum up TUI). And, once we had the idea that ‘you’ are central to the holiday, it sort of developed into you are the star of the holiday, and TUI creates this amazing production around you. That’s where the song and dance idea originated from.”

    “The beginning of the video reflects how you feel when you go on holiday. Our heroine starts off quite tentatively, as you do when you arrive on holiday and you’re not sure where everything is. It’s all new and exciting. And then, as the film goes on, she becomes more and more confident, until the finale where she just lets everything go.”





    Simon Rattigan – Director

    “I hadn’t done a song or dance spot before – they can be very cheesy and very cold. But, this script felt like it was about real people, and that we’d actually just walked into a resort where everyone danced. That concept made it a much more interesting thing to make, and much more engaging to watch.







    Olivier Casamayou – Choreographer

    “Simon wanted something very human, very simple. So, the video was almost like seeing people on holiday rather than super sharp, polished dancers.”




    Who is the girl in the TUI advert?

    The star of the TUI advert is performing artist and dancer Bethany, who’s starting to make the move into acting, so keep an eye out for her in your favourite TV shows.

    The creative leads at agency Y& R who were casting for the lead role wanted to find someone with charm and charisma, but who also felt accessible. The casting process took place over three days, with over twenty girls auditioning and showing off their dance and acting skills – they even performed the opening scene on the plane, too. Beth had the perfect combination of skills, so was perfect for the role, and all the crew were impressed with her on the shoot. She was always smiling, energetic and professional despite the long filming days.




    Behind-the-scenes fun facts

    A model of our 787-9 Dreamliner was specially created for the flight scene. Exterior plane panels, overhead storage, seats and carpet samples were shipped out to Turkey, where the ad was filmed so we could build our own version. We used a wooden rig to hold the side panel up, and the whole thing was filmed in a hotel room and lit to look like early morning light on the flight. Pretty amazing when you see the final result.

    Our Art Director worked hard to recreate the interior of the plane to perfection. Just the building of the rig and that small part of the set took a couple of days alone.

    We had 45 dancers, 50 extras and 100 crew on set – so a very big team.

    Hundreds of bottles of water were consumed on set. Not only was it extremely hot, the energetic dancers had to keep hydrated at all times.

    Over a hundred bottles of sun cream were used on set to protect everyone while working in the sun. The cast and crew also took the opportunity to cool down in the pool whenever they had a break.

    More than 1,000 takes were required to make the whole thing perfect.

    The pool scenes were the trickiest to shoot. An overhead crane was used to film the extras swimming in sync around the lead actress, Bethany. It was tricky to get the light just right and to capture all the swimmers in shot. The camera also had to make the perfect smooth movement as Bethany was rising out of the water, so as you can imagine, it took more than a couple of takes.


    The restaurant finale scene took the longest to film and set up. We had all the dancers on set, so it was a big cast and crew in one area, and because it was the final scene, it needed to be just right.

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Author: Charlotte Brenner