How TUI put ‘U’ in the middle

“You might have seen our new advert, where our fabulous cast of staff show how we ‘cross the ‘T’s, dot the ‘I’s, and put ‘U’ in the middle’”

So, what does it mean for you? How do we take care of all the details and put you in the middle?   Well, the whole point […]…

  • How TUI put ‘U’ in the middle

    You might have seen our new advert, where our fabulous cast of staff show how we ‘cross the ‘T’s, dot the ‘I’s, and put ‘U’ in the middle’. So, what does it mean for you? How do we take care of all the details and put you in the middle?


    Well, the whole point is that you’re the star of your holiday – just like the lovely couple in our TV ad. Our worldwide team of travel experts do everything they can to make sure your holiday’s perfect from the moment you step onto the plane in the Ireland, right up until it’s time to return home. We’re talking about exceptional service, handpicked hotels that are designed specifically for you, and plenty of options for customising your holiday. Whether you like to plan every detail of your trip yourself, or you want someone else to take care of everything, we’ll make sure you get the holiday you’ve been dreaming of.


    Find out how we make you the star of your holiday…


    The most personal service

    Our personal service underpins everything we do. Want to travel to your hotel in style? Let us arrange a private taxi transfer for you – no waiting to drop anyone else off. Need to speak to us in the middle of the night? No worries – our 24/7 HolidayLine is available whenever you need us.


    If you like to organise everything yourself and don’t need our input, we’ll leave you to it – you’ll have everything you need. But we’re always here if you do want a little help. You can chat to us on the phone, in-store and through our website.

    Fly your way

    We know everyone wants a seamless holiday, so you don’t want to trek to an airport hours away. We fly from Dublin, Cork, Shannon and Ireland West Airport.  So you can forget the miles of motorway and get your holiday started sooner.


    Our flexible flights let you pick times that suit you, too. If you don’t fancy getting up at the crack of dawn, or getting back at midnight, take a look at the flight options for your holiday. You’ll be able to select the flights you like best. We’ll even let you know if flying on a different day could make your whole holiday cheaper.


    And don’t forget you can customise your flight with things like extra legroom, Premium seating on our long-haul flights, and even special touches like pre-booked fizz to toast your journey.

    Calm the chaos

    If taking your little ones away makes you feel like the ringleader of a circus, let us put you back in the holiday mood. Starting with your flights – under-twos get a 10kg luggage allowance, plus a pushchair or a car seat, so you don’t have to try and pack light.


    While you’re away, don’t settle for a holiday that only caters to one age group. With our handpicked TUI FAMILY LIFE hotels, there’s something for everyone. We’ve specially designed them to put each and every one of you in the middle of your own perfect holiday.


    For kids that means clubs with fun activities for ages 3-5 and 6-11 – think Viking adventures, fairy tale fantasies, and time traveller days. For teens who’re far too cool for clubs, there’s the ‘Hangout’ – a chillout zone with free Wi-Fi so they can organise their social calendar in comfort. For babies, we’ve got special lounges where you can get out of the sun, and feed and change them without having to head back to your room.


    And last, but certainly not least, for you there’s Thea’s Coffee Shop where you can sip a latte and relax, and evening activities for the kids so you can have a quiet dinner.  Or you could all head to Taverna in the evening, share some delicious family food and talk about the excitement of your day.


    Just the two of you

    If you’re heading on holiday as a couple, being the star of the show generally means peace, quiet, and the opportunity to relax. We’ve got something up our sleeves for you – TUI SENSIMAR. Amazing locations, first-class dining, and low-key, ambient entertainment all add up to a truly relaxing break. Forget inflatables around a noisy splash pool – trade them in for serenity in our sumptuous spas.


    Celebrating a big birthday, anniversary, or maybe even a proposal? Let us know when you book and we’ll spread the word to our colleagues – from the cabin crew, to your rep in resort, who may even be able to get the chef to rustle up something special for you. Our teams are here to put you in the middle, and love to make your holiday something you’ll talk about for years to come.


    Ready to find out for yourself how TUI make you the star of your holiday?

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Author: Charlotte Brenner