How To Save Money On Your Holiday

“We’re all feeling the post-summer crunch”

And we’re all in need of a holiday, too…

  • How To Save Money On Your Holiday

    We’re all feeling the post-summer crunch. And we’re all in need of a holiday, too. But heading off to sunnier climes without splurging a load of cash, or compromising on quality, can be done. We promise.  Here, we reveal nine ways to win at budget travel that’ll get you more bang for your buck…

    1. Pick a flight that includes baggage

    There’s nothing that kills the pre-holiday buzz more than having to cash out when your hand luggage tips the airport scales.  Well, apart from wearing 10 bikinis on the plane ‘cause you can’t squeeze them in your bag. If you’re keen to avoid the €30+ price tag that comes with having hold luggage, find an airline that includes it – it’s worth spending a little more at this stage to avoid the fees later.

    Saver tip: TUI holidays come with between 15kg and 23kg of luggage included, depending on which holiday you book.
    Saver rating: €€

    2. Go All Inclusive

    You’ve bagged a great deal. You’ve landed in Spain. And then you realise that the nearest restaurant costs more than The Ritz. Not ideal. Avoid this – and the thought of having to budget beforehand – by going All Inclusive. All your food, drinks and snacks are included, so you can leave your wallet at home and save any spending money for the things that really matter. Like souvenir fridge magnets. And key rings.

    Saver tip: Check out our great All Inclusive deals.
    Saver rating: €€€

    3. Stay by the beach

    If it’s a toss-up between walking half an hour to the beach, or paying for a taxi, we know which we’re most likely to do. It’s all about those extra minutes in the sun, right? But, if you opt for a hotel that’s right on the beach, you can be rich in Vitamin D and save on taxi fares. Win.

    Saver tip: Have a nose at our fave beachfront hotel – it’s a bargain. 
    Saver rating: €

    4. Find a hotel that’ll keep the kids entertained

    €5 on face painting. €25 on waterpark entry. It all adds up, and up, and up… So, look for hotels that include activities that’ll keep the little ones happy for less. Holiday Villages offer Football Academies, Stage Academies and Swim Academies for a small fee, as well as loads of free kids’ clubs. Yep, we said free. They even have Aerial Adventure courses that’ll have them swinging from the trees (think Go Ape, but in the sun). Or, try one of our SplashWorld numbers. These hotels include unlimited entry into some of Europe’s best waterparks, so if you find a deal don’t let it slide away…

    Saver tip: Make packed lunches for the kids to tuck into the airport
    Saving potential: €€

    5. Be flexible with your dates

    If you can avoid the summer holidays, do. If not, try mid term instead. Holidays aren’t as in demand, so you’re likely to bag a great deal. Try a destination that’s warm all year round, like Lanzarote and Tenerife, or Costa Blanca.

    Saver tip: Find great family deals online.
    Saving potential: €€

    6. Get free Wi-Fi

    Did you even go on holiday unless you Snapchatted the whole thing? Bragging about #pooldays are a vital aspect of your trip. But paying for added data costs of roaming abroad can make you want to hide under the sun lounger. Our Holiday Villages provide free Wi-Fi, so you can surf worry-free.

    Saver tip: Most airports have free Wi-Fi, so connect when you arrive.
    Saving potential: €

    7. Check your holiday includes transport

    Trying to load Uber in Spain is an absolute headache. And trusting ‘Pablo’ to take you there in his unofficial taxi for €20 is just as worrying. Pick a holiday that includes transfers, and you’ll be met at the airport like a VIP and whisked away to your hotel pronto. Opt for a TUI holiday, and your flights, hotels and transfers are all included. Kerchiiing.

    Saver tip: Look out for hotels that have free shuttle buses into town.
    Saver rating: €




    8.Take the kids for free

    Taking the little ones away can cost an arm and a leg. But, it’s hard to resist those puppy dog eyes. Use our free kids’ place finder to secure yours, and revel in the fact that flights, hotels, transfers – yep the works – are all included.

    Saver tip: Remember to buy sun cream in Ireland as it’s always more expensive abroad. 
    Saving potential: €

    9. Make the most of low deposits

    There’s not much you can get for 75 these days. A few new pairs of shoes? A spa day? Put it towards something more exciting and secure your holiday with a 75pp deposit. The rest of the cost won’t be due until 8 weeks later, and you won’t miss out on bagging one of great deals in the meantime.

    Saver tip: Aim to put away €50 every week for saving money – it’ll soon add up.
    Saving potential: €€




    With tips like these, what are you waiting for? Check out our best deals today and get boasting about how savvy you’re going to be on your swanky TUI holiday. Let’s face it, is there anything better than cocktails on tap?

Author: Lucy Perrin