The best types of people to holiday with

“The Whatsapp group hasn’t stopped pinging”

There’s already talk of getting matching beach towels…

  • The best types of people to holiday with

    The Whatsapp group hasn’t stopped pinging. There’s already talk of getting matching beach towels. It’s got to be the group holiday. But who should be first on the invite list? And who should you be wary of tagging along? Here, we reveal the best types of people to holiday with – take heed, sun-seekers…

    The singleton

    Is there anyone that kills the holiday vibe more than a couple on the rocks? Avoid snide comments and petty arguments by choosing a single pal to share your precious sunbathing hours with. There’ll be no ‘joint’ decisions to be made, and your single friend will be more than up for checking out all of the local bars and hot spots – after all, who knows who they might meet. Hello there, Pablo…

    The new partner

    They say you don’t truly know a partner until you go on holiday together. So, why not dive in at the deep end and head off on a break with the new beau? Jump into cenotes in Mexico, feed each other spaghetti (Lady and the Tramp style) in Italy or soak up the sun together in Portugal, and you’ll soon see if you’re compatible enough to be in it for the long run. And, if you can’t even make it to the airport together without an argument, at least you know you need to throw in the (beach) towel sharpish…


    The never been there friend

    Exploring somewhere new is probably one of the most exciting things about jetting off. Unless you’re with someone who’s already been there. No, you don’t care what restaurant they ate at every night last summer, or their opinion about the best beach on the island (although they’re probably right if it’s Smuggler’s Cove in Zante, I mean, have you see it?) Instead, choose a spoiler-free holiday where you can discover all the best bits together.


    The shopper

    Packing is a stressful affair. How many dresses do you need? What exactly does evening wear mean? Going on holiday with a pal who’s got a bigger wardrobe than Vivienne Westwood is always a winner. Sharing outfits means you’ll never run out of options, and they’ll have sussed out all of the best boutiques to shop in for your long weekend in Palma before you’re even on the plane. Now, what size shoe are you again?

    The explorer

    It’s easy to say you’ll tick off your must-visit list after you’ve had a few days by the pool. But sometimes, that pool is very hard to leave (especially if it’s got loads of slides like our awesome SplashWorld hotels). Don’t fear – the explorer will drag you off the sunbed to scale Mount Teide in Tenerife, practice your best sommelier face at vineyards in Italy and go off-roading in the Mexican jungles. You’ll see more, do more, and book more holidays with them as soon as you’re back on home turf.

    The optimist

    That moment when you open your suitcase and find your sun cream’s exploded everywhere can be make or break. You can cry about the potential of looking like Olaf from Frozen with all white-everything, or have a laugh and lather on what’s left of it. And, that attitude all comes down to who you’re on holiday with. Pick a friend who’s got a gift for seeing the silver lining, and you’ll find it’s infectious. Time for a holiday of non-stop giggling…

    The number one (AKA, yourself)

    Holidays are about dream-chasing. For some, it’s about watching the sunset in Croatia, for others, it’s about dipping in healing mud baths in Bulgaria. And, a holiday on your own allows you to do exactly as you please. Forget flexing around other people’s plans and go solo, and you’ll gain a new sense of freedom. Eat where you want, wake up when you want – every choice you make will be yours. Blissful.

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Author: Lucy Perrin