Why travel makes you more attractive

“Tall, dark and handsome no longer cuts it”

If you want to boost your Tinder matches and have more dates than hot dinners, it’s time to try something new…

  • Why travel makes you more attractive

    Tall, dark and handsome no longer cuts it. If you want to boost your Tinder matches and have more dates than hot dinners, it’s time to try something new. And we’ve got just the answer: travel. It’s the ingredient that makes anyone instantly more attractive, and here’s why…

    Stock up on date convo material

    Sparking conversation on a first date can be like pulling teeth. After the basic topics have run their course, an awkward silence is often served up as the main course. But not when you’ve been travelling. Talking about your recent holiday opens up a whole new ball game. Travel gives you stories, and stories are perfect for dates – the more unfamiliar, glamorous and adventurous the better. Exploring ancient ruins in Greece, surfing Europe’s best wave in Portugal, or the crazy nights you had partying in Ibiza, there’s so much to share.


    Get that inner glow

    Forget trying to top up your tan. That ‘just back from holiday’ vibe is infectious, and the inner glow of a happy traveller who’s been to some amazing places and had tonnes of adventures is a real head-turner. If you still want the outer glow to match, just stock up on Fake Bake tanning mousse. Nobody wants to explain dodgy tan lines on date one, or spend the first half an hour persuading them that you’re not 50% lobster, 50% human.


    Find your perfect match

    Talking travel gives you a chance to compare compatibility notes. If they love nothing more than munching on prawns on a sandy beach, but even a hint of prawn cocktail crisps makes you spiral into an allergic reaction, it’s going to be a no-go. Meanwhile, if they’re a fan of Croatia and can think of nothing better than soaking up the sunset after a day exploring, you know you need to pencil in date two pronto.


    Speak the language of love

    There’s nothing more impressive than speaking another language fluently – and it’s a well-known aphrodisiac. Order a cocktail, or a cóctel, in Spanish and you’ll prove that you’re both well-travelled and intelligent. Two birds, one stone. Or, learn the language once you’re out there and you’ll open out your dating pool to a whole other country of potential new partners. In order to meet your holi-bae, why not check out our best deals to the likes of Spain and Italy? We see a bellissimo partnership on the horizon…

    Make memories

    Whether it’s practising your Flamenco in Spain, or dipping your toes in the waters at Pamukkale, holidays bring you closer together. In fact, they’re often the real test of a relationship, if you can spend a solid week together and come out of it just as in love. And, without skipping too far ahead, travel stories make for great wedding speeches, too. Impress your guests with tales of travelling the world, and make everyone teary over your talk of a winter honeymoon.




Author: Lucy Perrin