• Nadia El Ferdaoussi

    The panic when an invite lands on your doormat for a wedding abroad and you instantly start worrying about what to wear. You’ll want to know a couple of things before you start shopping, such as what time of day the ceremony starts, where the actual venue is (indoor/outdoor/sand/grass/etc), average temperatures for that time of year and dress code.

    Most weddings abroad have a more relaxed dress code and if it’s a beach wedding you might even get to go barefoot or wear comfy sandals!

    Natural fibres and breathable fabrics are always the best option in more humid climates. Linen is great, especially for men’s suits but it can crease easily, so can end up looking unflattering in photos. Maxi dresses are chic, yet comfortable and you’ll be spoilt for choice during summer months. Bright colours, florals, pastels and prints always make for a good wedding guest outfit. If dresses aren’t your thing, co-ords with a top and skirt or shorts/trousers or even culottes or a jumpsuit can be a nice refreshing alternative.

    When it comes to online shopping, ASOS have a constantly updated dedicated section for wedding outfits (they even have bridal gowns!) at reasonable prices. Obviously stay away from white, but lighter colours that won’t show any sweat patches are a life saver on hot days. Avoid tight, synthetic lining in dresses, instead opting for breathable broderie anglaise or other cotton styles.

    Sleeveless outfits will be most comfortable and don’t be tempted to go too short with your hemline, as sitting for long periods with exposed skin isn’t very pleasant.

    Hats and sunglasses are essential, both for practicality and style. Especially for outdoor weddings in the midday sun; you’ll want to protect your head, face and eyes.

    Minimal make up is best in the heat, make sure you apply sunscreen first (don’t rely on the added SPF in your foundation or moisturiser) and choose waterproof eye and lip pencils and mascara that won’t melt in the heat.

    Up styles that keep hair off your shoulders and neck such as a low bun or halo braid look great at destination weddings and particularly suit more laid back outfits.

    Don’t forget to think ahead for outfits for the day before or after a wedding, if there are any other events to attend. Kimonos are great for covering up skin on chilly evenings or to protect from insect bites.

    Give a little thought to underwear too, perhaps steering clear of strapless or backless dresses and tops if you know you’ll need to wear a complicated underwear solution.

    Simplicity is key when it comes to deciding what to wear to a wedding abroad, embrace the heat and think practicality and comfort first, opting for classic, timeless styles.