• Selina Akhtar

    Cocktails are an essential part of any holiday. What could be better than relaxing on the beach with a Mojito or Strawberry Daiquiri in hand? In honour of this poolside staple, we’re bringing you a cocktail recipe every month. This month, it’s a Mexican classic, the Paloma…

    When it comes to Mexican cocktails, you’ve probably heard of the good old Margarita. But, we bet you didn’t know that the Paloma is an even more popular drink in the Central American country. It’s known as Mexico’s ‘beloved’ cocktail, and the simple drink conveniently pairs perfectly with a white sand beach and gorgeous weather.

    Palomas are tequila-based, of course, making the most of Mexico’s huge range – which includes everything from artisanal 100% agave to gold mixed tequila. If you want to try them all, you can even visit the ‘sniff and slurp’ tequila museum in Cancun to find your favourite.

    After picking your tequila base (silver is usually the top choice for a Paloma), it’s just a case of mixing in tangy lime, sour grapefruit and sweet sugar syrup to get the perfect balance of flavours. Yum. Watch our handy video guide below and then make your own version…

    Paloma cocktail ingredients

    Makes one cocktail

    50 ml tequila

    25 ml pink grapefruit juice.

    25 ml fresh lime juice

    17.5 ml sugar syrup.

    25 ml of soda water.

    1 lime

    The step-by-step method

    Pour in the tequila

    Squeeze in the juice of one lime

    Pour in the grapefruit juice

    Pour in the sugar syrup


    Top with soda water


    Did you know?

    Paloma actually means ‘dove’ in Spanish. See – who said that cocktails weren’t educational?

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    Browse our holidays to Mexico and you’ll be sipping a paloma by the poolside in no time.