• Carol Oconnor

    Perhaps next summer is the furthest thing from your mind just now, but there are several benefits to organising your summer holiday for 2019, whether you fancy lazing on a Spanish costa, exploring Canary Islands landscapes or immersing yourself in Mexican culture. Read on and see how booking your summer holidays early could work to your advantage.

    You’ll save money

    One of the main advantages of booking early is that you can capitalise on some fantastic holiday deals and save money by availing of low booking deposits and free child places. Booking early means you won’t have one large sum draining your bank account for the holiday you booked for next month, you can reserve your dream holiday with a deposit and pay the rest when you are ready, up to 10 weeks before your departure in some cases.

    Popular sun holiday destinations such as Majorca are more popular and expensive during high season so it is prudent to book early and secure your preferred holiday type, date and duration. Depending on your destination and when you plan to travel, some summer holiday deals even include free places for children and free group places if you book early enough. 


    You don’t have to resort to plan B

    Imagine this situation: you decide where to go on holiday and then go online to place bookings, but find there are only a couple of options left. No one wants to disappoint the family, especially the children, who were already looking forward to splashing around in the water parks of Tenerife or Gran Canaria. Avoid settling for a plan B – book early and get exactly the summer holiday you want.

    You can savour the pre-holiday buzz for longer

    The Tuesday you thought was a Thursday… the rain lashing against your window in the morning… the 4 o’clock cries to feed the baby… any dull moments like these will be brightened when you know you’ve a great sun holiday to look forward to. Soaking up the sun on a beach, without a care in the world, somewhere like the Canary Islands or Mexico. The sooner you book, the sooner you can say ‘not long to go now’!

    Woman lying on a hammock, soaking up the sun and looking out to the sea while on a summer holiday in the Caribbean

    Explore your holiday options for 2019

    As we mentioned, you have more options when you book early. You also don’t feel as much pressure to choose a holiday before it ‘disappears’. We’ve picked out some of the different types of holiday open to you when you decide to beat the rush.  

    Short haul summer holidays

    Some tremendous options are just three or four hours away. You can’t beat jetting off to the Costa del Sol on a short haul holiday. Towns like Benalmadena lend themselves perfectly to family holidays, spoiling kids and adults alike with sunshine, good food and activities galore.

    Then there are destinations such as Tenerife, where families can laze on the beaches or cool down in the water parks. The flight time to the Costa del Sol from Ireland is roughly 2 hours and 30 minutes to 3 hours, and to Tenerife this is approximately 4 hours.

    Long haul summer holidays

    Maybe you’re resolving to really push the boat out in the New Year and see much more of the world, in which case you could try a long haul summer holiday. Head to Cancun in Mexico and take a day trip to the famous Chichen Itza ruins to see El Castillo. Your flight will take a few hours more, but just think about those beaches that await you!

    Cruise holidays

    Why not do something a little different and reserve yourself a place on a summer cruise? Take a flight from Cork, Dublin or Shannon and you can link this up with a cruise, combining the adventure of being at sea with the experience of exploring new places. Marella Cruises (part of TUI), offers cruises to the Western Mediterranean, Eastern Mediterranean and the Canary Islands, as well as other destinations. If you’d like to book a cruise holiday with us, pop into one of our TUI stores and we’ll be happy to help.

    Shot of a cruise liner crossing an ocean

    Think about your getaway plans for next year a little earlier and you can make the most of the deals available. You’ll enjoy your holidays even more with that little bit of forethought, not to mention the extra spending money you gain by saving!

    Arrange your in-store appointment or visit us online from 5th April and we’ll make sure you’re with your perfect match next summer.