• Charlotte Brenner
     Everyone wants their proposal to be extra special, so getting down on one knee abroad could be the very best way to do it…

    It’s one of the most nerve-wracking things you may ever face, but fear not – we’ve got the low down on how to make that all-important moment extra special. And it turns out that getting down on bended knee while on holiday might just be the most magical way to do it. Here’s how to do it right…

    1. Think about the scenery.

    It’s all about heightening the emotions at an important time like this, so you’re already onto a winner if you’re proposing alongside a beautiful view. What about picking your moment in the mountains, or on a deserted beach by the sea?

    2. The weather.

    As much as we love the UK, it doesn’t mean we love our unpredictable weather. If you dream of popping the question in warm sunshine or under starry skies on a balmy night, make sure you consider the climate when planning your proposal. There’s no point heading to the Caribbean in hurricane season, for instance – your ring might blow away, for starters! For reliably good weather, the Canary Islands should have you covered for much of the year. *Though don’t hold us to that.

    3. Getting away is relaxing.

    It’s a psychological thing: as soon you put your out-of-office on, you become more relaxed. And on holiday, that big moment of proposal can’t be scuppered by one of you forgetting to put the bins out or not emptying the dishwasher. All you have to worry about is hunkering down on a sunlounger and having a lovely, romantic old time. Well, that and them actually saying ‘yes.’

    4. Your ‘we’re engaged’ photo is everything.

    You’ve already got the views sorted on holiday, which means your ‘he/she just said yes!’ selfie is going to look pretty amazing. You may both have a nice tan; the bags under your eyes will be non-existent, and everyone looks at least 10 times better in the soft light of a stunning sunset. #Winning.


    5. Make your story interesting.

    There’s obviously nowt’ wrong with getting engaged during a freezing cold, rainy weekend in Bognor – and if that’s your bag, you’re clearly made of sterner stuff than us. But just imagine the reaction of all your loved ones as you announce that your betrothed said ‘yes’ whilst you riding camels across sand dunes or scuba diving over a coral reef. Seriously, you could dine out on that for ever.


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