• Have you seen our brand-new advert? It follows the story of a happy, enthusiastic mother and her reluctant teen daughter as they head to Turkey for a reunited holiday. There they experience all of those enchanting, long-lasting holiday moments that have been made possible by TUI.

    We’re incredibly proud of how it all turned out, especially given the sheer amount of work that went into making it! A staggering 91 crew members made the advert possible. Want to know what happened behind the scenes? Below, we reveal what happened behind the camera from the final song we chose for the soundtrack, to the number of takes we had to shoot to get it right…

    Where did the inspiration for the ad come from?

    The inspiration behind the ad came from our creative director, Phil. He has a friend who is a single mother and she was about to embark on a TUI holiday with her children to enjoy some much-needed sun. It inspired Phil to highlight a more modern angle on what family holidays consist of today, coinciding brilliantly with the big feelings that are created by TUI.

    Who directed it?

    Simon Cahn is a famous french director, who directed our TUI TV Reunited advert. He is best known for his creative music videos for artists such as We Are Shining and Denai Moore, along with his short films created for huge international brands such as Louis Vuitton, Nike and Dior.

    Where was it filmed?

    We couldn’t shoot a TUI advert without having it based at an exclusive TUI resort. So, we narrowed down our choice to the incredible TUI SENSATORI Resort Barut Fethive. Within the ad you’ll be able to spot the stunning large pools, trendy beach-side cabanas and the resort’s breath-taking position along the beach. However, what you won’t see in the ad is the resort’s great all-inclusive package, including everything from yoga sessions to cake served at the great on-site coffee shop.

    Our exclusive resort is now also offering a brand-new addition called The Residence. This is a great adults-only section which will offer unprecedented levels of luxury.

    You can check out our latest holidays to TUI SENSATORI Resort Barut Fethive today. Or, check out the new adults-only The Residence holidays.

    Who are the people in the advert?

    The woman who plays the role of our on-screen mum is Cecile Henning and the girl who plays her reluctant teenage daughter is Aoife Checkland. This was actually her first shoot, though she has been a member of the Young Actors Theatre Islington from the age of 10.

    Which song was used?

    We decided upon The Strokes – Someday for our latest ad. We felt that it’s high-tempo, upbeat pace fit perfectly with the happy, yet emotional ad.

    Fun behind-the-scenes facts

    Here’s a few fun behind-the-scenes facts from our latest ad:

    Throughout the filming the theme song, Someday by The Strokes, played a whopping 150 times . If the crew didn’t know the words of the song beforehand, they certainly do now!

    There were 91 crew and cast members involved on the set as plenty of different types of shots were required. We filmed underwater, as well as using numerous types of cameras and drones to achieve those perfect shots.

    The total amount of footage we captured added up to 23,400 seconds. Eventually we cut this down to just 60 seconds for the final product.