The Best Adrenaline Pumping Activities in Bali

“Known as the Island of the Gods, it’s not hard to see why so many people fall in love with the island of Bali”

With its stunning ancient temples, jaw-dropping black beaches and lush tropical forests, it has so much to offer tourists all year round…

  • The Best Adrenaline Pumping Activities in Bali

    Known as the Island of the Gods, it’s not hard to see why so many people fall in love with the island of Bali. With its stunning ancient temples, jaw-dropping black beaches and lush tropical forests, it has so much to offer tourists all year round. While many people head to the island to enjoy a little R&R, for some it’s all about the adventure.

    If you’re looking to enjoy an adrenaline packed getaway, Bali is pretty tough to beat. Wondering what types of adventures you can enjoy on the island? Below we’ll reveal some of the best adrenaline pumping activities in Bali you absolutely need to try.

    White Water Rafting

    Few activities get your adrenaline pumping quite like white-water rafting. Bali has some of the most challenging river rapids you’ll encounter. In the Sungai Ayung river, Ubud, the currents are rated between 19 and 25 Class II and Class III. Making these rivers one of the most challenging white-water rafting activities on the island.

    If you really want to test your abilities, you’ll want to head there between November and March when the area is known for its torrential downpours. It will certainly get your adrenaline pumping trying to manoeuvre through the raging waters.


    What better way to enjoy Bali’s beautiful scenery than by paragliding through its crystal-clear skies? The Bali Paragliders Club operates throughout Timbis, Gunung Payung, Mount Batur and Candidasa. Soar over the spectacular beaches, mountains and cliffs of the island, taking in the breathtaking scenery. This adrenaline pumping activity will leave you utterly exhilarated, providing a truly unforgettable experience.

    If you’re new to paragliding, you can partake in a tandem flight alongside a fully qualified pilot. Or, for those brave enough to go solo, the club provides Beginner and Student pilot courses to teach you everything you need to know before taking to the skies.

    ATV Quad Biking

    If you prefer to stay on land, why not try out ATV Quad biking? This extreme adventure activity takes you through rugged, traverse terrain, leaving a trail of dust behind you. If you venture into Taro within Ubud, you’ll get to zoom through a bamboo forest, plantations and local communes. Not only will you get to experience the thrill of quad biking, but you’ll also get to enjoy a spot of sightseeing too.

    Taro is actually located close to the Sungai Ayung river. So, you could opt to have the ultimate adventure getaway and participate in both white-water rafting along with ATV quad biking on the same day.


    With its extraordinary canyons and waterways, it would be a crime not to take advantage of the awesome canyoning opportunities in Bali. You’ll find lots of local tour operators which offer canyoning experiences throughout the island. Some even combine trekking, climbing, wading and swimming through the pristine waters, providing a once in a lifetime adventure you’ll never forget. No matter whether you are a complete beginner or you’re a canyoning pro, you’ll find a program to fit your experience.

    Kite Surfing

    A popular adrenaline-packed activity you can partake in at most of the beaches of Bali, is kite surfing. A unique way to ride the waves, this is a great activity for the whole family to enjoy. It tests your dexterity as you use the wind’s power to pull you along the water. Experience the thrill of zipping through stunning wave tunnels as you negotiate through ferocious undercurrents and powerful winds.

    No matter which part of Bali you’re heading to, you’ll find numerous kite surfing opportunities to enjoy.


    Fancy trying something cool and different? Head to Nusa Dua and experience the James Bond style jetpack. Capable of travelling up to 30 miles per hour, up to 30 feet in the air, this unique experience will make you feel like you’re flying through the sky.


    Bali offers some of the most spectacular trekking holidays in the world. With its beautiful meandering rivers, imposing volcanoes, lush tropical rain forests and majestic mountains.  Whichever part you’re heading to on holiday, you can be sure you’ll be surrounded with lots of unique and beautiful trekking opportunities.

    Take part in the Mount Batur sunrise trek and witness one of the most breathtaking sunrises you’ve ever seen. After trekking to the top of Mount Batur and taking in the jaw-dropping views of Mount Rinjani and the Caldera Lake, you’ll descend and have the opportunity to ease those aching muscles in the natural hot springs. This is just one spectacular trekking route the island has to offer.

    As you can see, when it comes to adrenaline pumping activities, Bali really does have it all. Ready to book that once in a lifetime adventure? Check out our range of Bali holidays today. Don’t forget to check out our great holiday deals page too to see if you can save on your action-packed island adventure.


Author: Carol Oconnor