• Searching for your next European getaway? Paphos holidays provide everything you could possibly need or want on your next dream break away. The traditional Cyprus town takes you back to ancient Greece, with stunning architecture and outstanding colourful mosaics to be enjoyed. It also boasts idyllic beaches, gorgeous weather, and a surprisingly lively nightlife scene.

    Still not sure if this romantic destination is right for you? Take a look at these great reasons to visit Paphos on your next European getaway…

    An affordable, yet breathtaking destination

    If you’re looking for an affordable, yet luxurious holiday, Paphos has you covered. At TUI, we have a range of fantastic holiday deals throughout 2019, and if you book a summer getaway to this Greek paradise, you could save up to €300 per couple. We also have thousands of free child places you can take advantage of if you’re thinking of travelling to Paphos with the family.

    The town’s rich history and deeply ingrained culture means it benefits from many spectacular sights and landmarks. Few other European towns can match the breath-taking beauty of this iconic destination.

    Soak up the sun on a stunning Blue Flag Beach

    Situated right in the town centre, you’ll find the stunning Bijou beach. Stretching for just 150 metres, this small picturesque beach has been awarded Blue Flag status. It’s split into two sections, including a sandy area, backed up by a wooden deck. A few quaint beach bars line the sand, though it is largely backed up by craggy rocks to give it more of a secluded feel. The stand-out feature of the beach is the magnificent medieval castle which overlooks it from above.

    Of course, Bijou beach isn’t the only one in the town. Paphos is home to numerous stunning beaches, including St George Beach, Vardas beach and the sandy Coral Bay beach. St George beach is renowned for its snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities, while Vardas beach is one of the quieter beaches in the area. Coral Bay is a great all-round beach destination, benefiting from crystal clear waters and a line of shops along the shore.

    If it’s a beach holiday you’re looking for, we have a superb range of beach hotels and resorts to choose from. Whatever type of beach holiday you’re hoping to enjoy, this beautiful town has something to suit you.

    A rich culture with plenty to see and do

    If you’re a lover of culture, Paphos is the place to be! Everywhere you turn, you’ll discover a stunning cultural landmark or attraction. Just some of the region’s best cultural attractions include the Paphos Fort and Harbour, the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, The Tomb of the Kings and Aphrodite’s Rock.

    The Paphos Fort and Harbour is located right in the heart of the Old Town. Overlooking the picturesque harbour, the fort was initially built to protect the harbour, though over the years it was also used as a prison, and also for storing salt. Take a climb to the top of the fort and you’ll be met by spectacular views.

    The Kato Paphos Archaeological Park is a vast site, home to lots of interesting and spectacular finds. The colourful mosaics are by far one of the most stunning things to be found at the park and most of the ruins date back to Roman times. This isn’t the only archaeological site worth visiting in the town either. The Tomb of the Kings is another site you’ll find fascinating to explore. Filled with underground tombs dating back to 4th Century BC, many of them are open and can be viewed from above.

    Finally, Aphrodite’s Rock is one of Cypress’s most famous landmarks. An area of natural beauty, the rock is located on the outskirts of the town. If you don’t know it already, it’s worth researching the Aphrodite mythological story before heading here. Even without the rich history and mythology of Aphrodite’s Rock, it’s still a breathtaking landmark to visit.

    Indulge in delicious food and wine

    If you’re a self-confessed foodie, you’ll love the delicious food and wine Paphos has to offer. It is especially well-known for its fresh, mouth-watering seafood which you’ll be able to enjoy in great restaurants by the harbour.

    Not a seafood lover? Don’t worry, Paphos has a range of cuisines to suit all palates. Throughout most of the town, you’ll find delicious Sheftalia sausages, tasty kleftiko and grilled Halloumi Cheese which you absolutely must try. You’ll also discover traditional meze at restaurants such as the Vrakas Tavern.

    These are just some of the reasons you’ll want to consider adding Paphos to your must-visit European destination list. Don’t forget, we have a range of holiday deals available throughout 2019 to make your Paphos getaway even more affordable. Browse our collection of luxury Paphos holidays today.