• Carol Oconnor

    With its rolling countryside, picture-perfect beaches and rich cultural attractions, it’s not hard to see why Tuscany is one of the most popular regions in Italy. However, what it is most famous for is it’s stunning food and wine scene.

    Thousands of foodies from across the globe flock to Tuscany each year to discover its mouth-watering and impressive local delicacies. If you’re thinking of joining them, here you’ll discover a brief guide into the food and wine tasting opportunities in the region.

    Villa Bordoni, Chiante

    Tuscany has so many unique food and wine tasting centres to visit. But if you’re looking for the best of the best, Villa Bordoni is the place to head to. Set in the beautiful countryside of Chiante, this stunning historic villa boasts some of the finest food and wine in the Tuscany region. Located just above the picturesque town of Greve, it is surrounded by beautiful vineyards and olive groves.

    The wine cellar located beneath the villa is home to over 250 different types of wine. Guests to the restaurant are invited to go down to the cellar to pick an exclusive wine to go with their meal. The restaurant opens from March through until the end of November, and it’s a must for those with a fine palate. The highlight of a trip to this magnificent villa is that you can take part in an exclusive cooking class, allowing you to create impressive, mouth-watering local delicacies.

    Truffle hunting

    Want to combine food tasting with a little adventure? Why not take part in truffle hunting throughout Tuscany’s beautiful woodland? Head to San Miniato which is located between Pisa and Florence, and hunt for the famous white truffle. They can be discovered between the months of September through until December.

    You’ll also be able to hunt for different kinds of truffles all year round in the woods of Tuscany. As well as partaking in the truffle hunts, you’ll also be given the opportunity to partake in workshops, truffle tasting and cookery classes.

    Ice cream tasting, San Gimignano

    You can’t go to Italy without sampling some of its delicious homemade ice cream. While you’ll find hundreds of ice cream parlours throughout the country, the worlds best gelato is said to be found in San Gimignano.

    This beautiful quaint town is home to the Gelateria Dondoli, renowned for its exceptional and mouth-watering homemade gelato. You’ll find the ice cream parlour in the main square. Gelateria Dondoli only uses the freshest, local ingredients in their ice cream.

    Just some of the flavours to choose from include Rosemary Baby, Vernaccia Sorbet and Crema di Santa Fina. Rosemary Baby features tangy raspberry and rosemary flavours, while Vernaccia Sorbet is created using the extraordinary vintage Vernaccia wines. Crema di Santa Fina uses Madagascan Bourbon vanilla, orange cream and pine nuts from Pisa. You won’t find tastier ice cream anywhere else in the world.

    The Castello Banfi

    We’ve talked a lot about the mouth-watering food you can taste in Tuscany, but what about the wine? While there are undoubtedly lots of impressive wine tasting tours to choose from, one of the best is the outstanding family-owned Castello Banfi. This glorious vineyard has a staggering 7000 acres and produces some of the finest red wines here. You’ll get the opportunity to taste them, along with tasty cured meats and mouth-watering sheep cheeses.

    If you do plan on visiting this spectacular estate, try and time your visit around either lunch or dinner. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy the glorious food in the two different Tuscany restaurants.

    The above is just some of the best food and wine tasting opportunities in Tuscany. Whichever part you visit, you’ll find a vast array of tempting delicacies to try out. Take a look at our great range of Tuscany holidays today.