Slovenia: Something for Everyone

“Situated in Central Europe, Slovenia was the first country to be declared as a green destination”

It’s also one of the most underrated tourist destinations…

  • Slovenia: Something for Everyone

    Situated in Central Europe, Slovenia was the first country to be declared as a green destination. It’s also one of the most underrated tourist destinations. Slovenia offers up a stunning mixture of turquoise rivers, pristine beaches and beautiful snow-capped mountains.

    If you’re looking for a great European holiday destination, you’ll find it hard to resist the charming culture and sophisticated cuisine this breathtaking country has to offer. Here, you’ll discover why Slovenia should be included on your must-visit European destination list.

    Explore medieval castles in Bled

    Complete with its romantic, fairy-tale castle and picture-postcard scenery, Bled is one of the most breath-taking parts of Slovenia. Surrounding by mountains, one of the key features is the jaw-dropping, crystal blue lake formed by a glacier.

    You’ll witness the best views over Bled Castle as you stroll along the lakeside. It’s peaceful too, as although it does boast quite a lot of boats, it remains a tranquil and popular tourist spot. This picturesque part of Slovenia truly does offer an unforgettable and relaxing break away. You’ll also be just a short distance away from the country’s capital, Ljubljana.

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    Take in the breath-taking beauty of Kranjska Gora

    Close to the Austria and Italy borders lies the picturesque mountain town of Kranjska Gora. Situated high up in the Alps, this peaceful town is the perfect option for those seeking to really get away from it all.

    Take a stroll up to the beautiful Lake Jasna, listen to traditional Slovenian music at on of the great pavement cafes. Then take in the majestic beauty of the unspoilt Zelenci Nature Reserve; home to unique plants and animal species. If you’re quite an active traveller, you could even choose to explore nearby Italy and Austria, which are approximately a two-hour walk from the town. This gives you the unique opportunity to explore three countries in just one holiday.

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    Explore the shores of Bohinj

    Head to the only National Park in Slovenia with a holiday to the Bohinj region. Home to one of Slovenia’s most beautiful lakes, the region is exceptionally peaceful, making it another great choice for those seeking a more relaxing getaway.

    Some of the highlights of this destination include the jaw-dropping Savica Waterfall, the largest and most impressive waterfall in the country. The Alpine Dairy Museum and boat trips across the stunning lake are also one you cannot miss.

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    A country full of hidden gems

    One of the best ways to really enjoy your Slovenia getaway, is to take in some of its hidden gems. The country is packed full of them, offering everything from dramatic castles to intricate limestone cave systems.

    One of the most impressive castles to add to your must-see list is Predjamski Grad; a stunning castle carved into the cliff face. This unique castle has a fascinating history, after its resident in the 15th century, Erazem Luegger, managed to hold off enemy forces until one of his servants betrayed him.

    If you’ll be travelling near Lent, you won’t want to miss the Kurentovanje. This is an annual festival which takes place in the small city of beautiful Ptuj. This could easily be regarded as one of the most bizarre festivals you’ll ever witness in Europe as men come dressed as monsters known as kurenti. The aim of the festival is to chase away evil spirits and welcome in the spring months.

    These are just a couple of the hidden gems of Slovenia. As you can see, there’s so much more to this stunning country than you might have realised. It’s one of the best-kept travel secrets in Europe and is also one of the more affordable destinations to travel to.

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Author: Suzanne Mulligan