Top Things to See and Do in Bavaria Germany

“With its lush mountain scenery and stunning architecture, Germany is a popular European tourist destination”

There are many remarkable areas you can visit, but one of our all-time favourites is Bavaria…

  • Top Things to See and Do in Bavaria Germany

    With its lush mountain scenery and stunning architecture, Germany is a popular European tourist destination. There are many remarkable areas you can visit, but one of our all-time favourites is Bavaria.

    Boasting a distinctive culture, stunning rivers and breathtaking mountain peaks, there is a lot to see and do in Germany’s biggest state. To help give you a little inspiration, below you’ll discover some of the top things to see and do on Bavaria holidays.

    Top Attractions

    You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to local attractions on your Bavaria holiday. Whether you’re looking to enjoy the spectacular sights from the mountains, or whether you’re looking for family-friendly entertainment; you’ll find something to match your preferences in this fun-packed destination. Some of our recommendations for the best attractions to visit include:

    Visit the Neuschwanstein Castle

    The breath-taking Neuschwanstein Castle is by far one of Bavaria’s most famous attractions. Situated on a rocky crag providing panoramic views over the majestic Bavarian Alps, the castle was actually the inspiration behind the castles you see in the Walt Disney theme parks. It’s just as beautiful on the inside as it is out, so it is well worth taking a tour of the castle while you’re there.

    Explore Zugspitze and the beautiful Bavarian Alps

    Between Austria and Germany, spans the Wetterstein Alpine mountain range. The Zugspitze makes up part of this mountain range, and you can reach the 2,962-metre summit by taking the Bayerische Zugspitzbahn cog railway. It’s known to be Germany’s tallest mountain, attracting both casual walkers and serious hikers from all over the world.

    Take a trip to Rothenburg

    If you fancy taking a step back in time, the medieval town of Rothenburg is an attraction you won’t want to miss. It is arguably the most well-preserved medieval town in Europe and features picture-perfect streets, with a great selection of shops and cafes. It is also home to a famous Christmas shop, which is open all year-round.

    The English Garden, Munich

    The English Garden in Munich, locally referred to as Englischer Garten, is a really popular tourist attraction. It features 78 kilometres of bridal paths and pathways, making it popular with cyclists, walkers and joggers. There are also acres of parkland, providing the perfect place to sunbathe and relax. The most prominent part of the gardens is the Chinese Tower, which is a pagoda which measures 25-metres tall. Within it there’s a great little café and in the winter months it is home to a bustling Christmas market.

    These are just a small selection of the attractions available in Bavaria. No matter who you are traveling with or what type of attractions you prefer to see, you’re sure to find something to suit your preferences.


    Bavaria isn’t just packed full of awesome attractions, it also boasts some incredible shopping opportunities too. Whether you are heading to Munich, Rothenburg, Nuremburg or any other part of Bavaria, you’ll find a range of both international and independent stores.

    Munich is potentially the place to head to in terms of shopping. As well as a vast array of shops, it is also home to the Viktualienmarkt, a large outdoor market which started out as a Farmer’s Market back in the 19th century. Today, it offers a huge choice of local goods and there’s a beer garden which serves up great German sausages. You’ll also want to stop by the Olympia Einkaufszentrum shopping mall if you are holidaying in Munich.

    If you’re heading to Rothenburg, the Kathe Wohlfahrt’s Christmas Shop is a must-visit. It’s the most famous shop in the area and has been running since 1964. In Nuremburg, Handwerkerhof is one of the leading places to shop, offering a unique Medieval village atmosphere. There’s a gingerbread factory, pottery, brass toys and a great selection of local beers, wine and sausages. You can also check out the Hauptmarkt in Nuremburg, which features a huge, beautiful fountain.


    If you’re a night owl, you’ll have plenty of choice of bars, clubs and nightly entertainment no matter which part of Bavaria you head to. Some of the leading night spots around the state include:

    Club Stereo – One of Bavaria’s most popular clubs with the younger crowd, Club Stereo offers live music and affordable drinks in Nürnberg.

    Atelier Bar – Another popular venue in Nürnberg, the Atelier Bar is a more upmarket, Art Deco style bar. It’s especially popular with the locals and guarantees an elegant, pleasant night out.

    Jazzbar Vogler – This great local bar in Munich provides superb jazz music and a great laid-back atmosphere. It also serves up great beers and snacks.

    These are just a very small selection of Bavaria’s nightlife. No matter what type of night out you prefer to enjoy, you won’t be disappointed!

    Food and Drink

    You’ll get to discover a whole range of local delicacies in Bavaria. You’ll find that most of the local dishes are hearty and filling, consisting largely of meat and potato dishes. German sausages, Schweinebraten (pork roast) and Hendl (roast chicken) are just some of the local delicacies you can enjoy. Of course, you’ll also find a huge choice of international restaurants in Bavaria too, catering to all tastes and preferences.

    It’s not hard to see why Bavaria draws in thousands of tourists each year. Why not check out our Bavaria holidays collection today?

Author: Kate.OMahony