Things to Do in Paphos

“Step back in time to ancient Greece with our great range of Paphos holidays”

Stroll through ancient ruins and temples, relax on a striking Blue Flag beach, and party the night away with the city’s vibrant nightlife scene…

  • Things to Do in Paphos

    Step back in time to ancient Greece with our great range of Paphos holidays. Stroll through ancient ruins and temples, relax on a striking Blue Flag beach, and party the night away with the city’s vibrant nightlife scene. Whatever you like to do on holiday, Paphos has you covered!

    With so much to see and do, it can be tricky narrowing down your options. So, to give you a helping hand, below you’ll discover some of the top things to do in Paphos.

    Soak up the sun on the beach

    There are approximately 27 beaches in the city of Paphos, covering a total of around 50km of coastline. This means, no matter what type of beach getaway you like to enjoy, there is sure to be something to match your preferences. If this wasn’t impressive enough, over 12 of the beaches have been awarded Blue Flag status. The majority of beaches come equipped with modern, state-of-the-art facilities.

    Some of the best beaches in the area include Coral Bay, the Petra Tou Romiou Beach, Pacyammos Beach and the Municipal Beach. Each offers something a little different, so it’s a good idea to do your research before deciding which beaches to explore.

    So, when it comes to things to do when you’re visiting the city, relaxing on one of the many beautiful Paphos beaches should definitely be near the top of your list.

    Explore the city’s culture

    While Paphos beaches are certainly worth visiting in this remarkable city, it’s also renowned for its vibrant culture. It is split into two parts, including the New town and the Old town areas. You’ll find a range of churches, shrines, ruins and monasteries to explore, helping you to really soak up the city’s culture.

    From the outstanding and romantic Aphrodite’s Rock, to the fascinating Paphos Archaeological Park, there’s a lot of interesting sights you’ll want to check out. We also recommend visiting the Paphos Fort, situated at the end of the city’s harbour. Known to be one of the most famous landmarks in the city, the fort dates back to Roman times, originally built to protect the harbour.

    These are just a very brief collection of the best cultural things to do in Paphos. Before arriving in the city, it’s worth doing a little research to narrow down the cultural attractions you’d like to see.

    Wildlife and parks

    The pleasant climate and unique geographical location of the city makes it a haven for wildlife. There are lots of parks dotted around the city, many of which feature stunning themed gardens.

    Paphos Zoo is one of the city’s best loved wildlife parks, located within a natural setting. It has a wide range of wildlife including giraffes, tortoises, monkeys and birds. There are also daily shows you can enjoy, such as an acrobatic owl and parrot show. It’s open all year round so no matter which time of year you head to Paphos, you’ll be able to add this attraction to your list.  

    Enjoy the remarkable nightlife scene

    As Paphos has become more popular, its nightlife and dining scene have vastly improved. Its bars and nightclubs offer live music, attracting artists from all over the globe. If you do want to check out the city’s nightlife, you’ll want to head to Bar Street. This area has been dedicated to bars and nightclubs, many of which don’t require you to pay an entry fee.

    The Decades nightclub, Loft Club and Robin Hood Pub are just a few of the best on offer. You can also enjoy fab live music at venues such as the Boogies Karaoke & Disco Club and the Crocodile Pub.

    Shop till you drop

    If you’d prefer to spend your time browsing the local shops, you’ll find lots of great shopping opportunities in the city.

    The Kings Mall Avenue is one of the best shopping areas to head to. Offering not just a huge choice of shops, but a multiplex cinema, play areas and a great choice of restaurants. Or, if you’d prefer to try out more traditional, local shops, the Paphos Market Traditional Shop is where you’ll want to be. This bazaar-style indoor market sells a wide range of handmade items such as candles, art, clothing and jewellery.

    As you can see, there’s lots to see and do in Paphos. Whether you prefer to soak up the sun, party the night away or shop until you drop, you’ll find a huge range of activities to fit your preferences.

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Author: Suzanne Mulligan