Top 5 Tips for Nervous Flyers

“If you’re a nervous flyer you certainly aren’t alone”

A fear of flying is very common, and it can range in severity between passengers…

  • Top 5 Tips for Nervous Flyers

    If you’re a nervous flyer you certainly aren’t alone. A fear of flying is very common, and it can range in severity between passengers. Some may just feel a few nerves before and during the flight. For others, the experience can be quite a lot worse. 

    The good news is that you don’t need to let a fear of flying stop you from enjoying your holiday. Here we’ll reveal some of the best tips for nervous flyers, to help you stay calm during your flight.

    1. Ensure you set off to the airport early

    When you’re nervous about flying, you’ll want to reduce your stress on the day as much as possible. This means ensuring you get to the airport in plenty of time. Ideally, you’ll want to have packed your belongings in advance, long before the actual day of your flight. That way, you can simply grab a few last-minute items and set off. 

    By getting to the airport early, you won’t need to try and rush through security. You can also spend a little time calming your nerves before you’re due to board. 

    2. Take advantage of calming techniques

    There are a lot of great calming techniques you can utilise to calm those nerves before and during the flight. Slow, deep breathing is one of the easiest and most effective calming techniques you can try. Simply close your eyes, then take five deep breaths in and out. You should notice that this instantly leaves you feeling a lot calmer.

    3. Avoid alcohol and caffeine

    You may be tempted to drink alcohol prior to your flight in order to calm your nerves. However, did you know that even a small glass of alcohol could leave you feeling worse? This is because flying can cause dehydration. Alcohol also causes dehydration, so the two combined can leave you feeling a lot worse.

    Similarly, caffeine is also known to make anxiety worse. It also has dehydrating qualities. So, instead of relying upon caffeine or alcohol, ensure you drink only water or soft drinks. 

    4. Take lots of distractions

    Sometimes, no amount of deep breathing exercises will shift those nerves. In this case, you’ll want to try and keep yourself as distracted as possible during the flight. Some passengers find reading a really relaxing activity. Others play games on their tablets or phones, and some immerse themselves in the in-flight movies. 

    If you’re taking a long flight, you can even try and get some sleep. This will also help to eliminate jet lag once you arrive at your long-haul destination. 

    5. Focus on the holiday

    Of course, a great way to calm your nerves is to focus on the holiday. Think about how nice the break is going to be and the things you can do when you get there. The experience is going to be well worth the flight. 

    It’s common to experience some nerves when it comes to flying. However, the ideas above can help to make the experience a little less frightening. Distracting yourself and keeping yourself hydrated with water are two of the best tips you can follow. 

Author: Charlotte Brenner