Top Foods to Eat in Turkey

“Turkish cuisine is renowned for its exciting flavours”

The diverse range of food available ensures there’s something to cater to every palate…

  • Top Foods to Eat in Turkey

    Turkish cuisine is renowned for its exciting flavours. The diverse range of food available ensures there’s something to cater to every palate. While there are some international fast food chains here, you won’t want to miss trying out authentic Turkish dishes. 

    With so many different dishes available, it can be difficult knowing where to start. Here we’ll reveal some of the top foods to try in Turkey.


    One menu item you’ll commonly find throughout Turkey is meze. This is a delicious hot or cold starter, with many different variations to choose from. They’re typically offered as an appetiser in local restaurants, served alongside toasted bread. 

    Some of the most popular meze dishes to try out during your trip include ezme and haydari. Ezme is a chilli tomato paste, while haydari is a refreshing mint yoghurt dip.

    Turkish style breakfast

    The Turkish-style breakfast is a dining experience you won’t want to miss. It comes with tea rather than coffee, and sliced cucumber and tomatoes are also popular. If you want to really spoil your taste buds, you’ll want to try out börek or sucuk.

    Börek is a satisfying breakfast food, consisting of thin dough filled with cheese and minced meat. Vegetables can also be added before they’re baked and served hot. Sucuk on the other hand is a dried flavourful sausage. It’s made from garlic, ground beef and a range of spices. 


    One thing Turkey isn’t short of is delicious seafood restaurants. Fish is a firm favourite with the locals, particularly lüfer. This is a large, tasty fish which is known to be easy to clean as well as eat. This dish should be easy to find no matter which part of Turkey you head to.


    If you love omelettes, you’ll love menemen. This Turkish style omelette is often served up for breakfast, though it can be enjoyed at any time of day. It consists of roasted peppers and onions, which are then boiled with tomatoes. These are mixed with eggs and herbs before being cooked. 

    You’ll find a few different variations of this popular dish. Some included ground beef, while others are made with sausages or aubergine. 

    Turkish Delight

    Of course, you can’t go to Turkey without trying its famous authentic Turkish delight. This isn’t going to be anything like the Turkish delight you find back at home. Made with a combination of nuts and chopped dates, you’ll find a wide range of flavours to try. Authentic Turkish delight is truly delicious and provides a totally different taste experience to the sugary variety available at home.

    Shish Kebab

    Another popular Turkish dish to sample on your holiday is the shish kebab. While you can get this in many kebab shops at home, they’re rarely as good as authentic Turkish kebabs. 

    This dish is served at most restaurants in the country. Beef, chicken or lamb is cooked on a grill before being placed on a skewer. It’s served alongside salad, rice or fries. If you’re unsure about trying the more authentic Turkish dishes, the shish kebab is a safe alternative.


    If you fancy something sweet, baklava is highly recommended. It’s made with crisp layers of pastry, finely chopped nuts and lots of delicious syrup. The dessert originates from the Ottoman Empire and is now served on almost every street corner of the country. 

    As you can see, there are lots of authentic Turkish dishes to try. The above are just some of the top foods to eat while you’re in Turkey. 

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Author: Carol Oconnor