Save On Your Next Family Getaway with Free Child Spaces and Low Deposits

“Save on your next family getaway”

With free child spaces and low deposits…

  • Save On Your Next Family Getaway with Free Child Spaces and Low Deposits

    Taking the family on holiday can be an expensive venture. However, did you know there are lots of great ways you can save? At TUI we offer hundreds of free child places, along with low deposits to make your holiday substantially more affordable.

    Below, you’ll discover more about our free child spaces and low deposits. We’ll also reveal a few additional ways to save on your next family getaway.

    Save with our free child spaces

    We have a huge selection of free child spaces on our holidays. This offer allows you to save the cost of one child per holiday. So, if you’re taking two children, you’ll only have to pay for one. This can save you potentially hundreds of euros depending upon where you book.

    It’s important to note that our free child places largely apply to summer holidays. However, we do run the promotion throughout the year. They also apply mostly to European holidays, including destinations such as Majorca and Tenerife. Keep checking the free kids’ places page to stay up to date with our current offers. You can currently take advantage of summer 2020 free kids places deals. 

    Low deposits to suit all budgets

    As well as saving with free child spaces, you can also take advantage of our low deposits. If you’re booking a short or mid-haul getaway, you can pay as little as €75 per person.  This offer is only available for new bookings on package holidays

    Our low deposit discount applies to any holidays booked well in advance. If you’ll be departing within 10 weeks, you’ll need to pay the deposit in full. 

    Other great ways to save

    There’s lots of ways to save on your family holiday. Prepaid travel cards can be a great option for cutting back on exchange fees. You can choose to top them up while the exchange rates are favourable, then use them to fund your shopping, dining and excursions once you’re there.

    Booking an All-Inclusive holiday is also going to save you a lot of money. These include the cost of flights and accommodation, as well as all of your food and drink. Some All-Inclusive plans even include activities and excursions. Although they’re more expensive to book initially, over the duration of your holiday they could save you hundreds of euros. 

    You could also save on the cost of the holiday by flying during the week rather than at weekends. Although flying at any time during the summer holidays will be more expensive than other times of the year, you’ll still save by travelling mid-week. 

    As you can see, there are a lot of ways you can save on your next family getaway. Taking advantage of our free child places and low deposits, for example, could save you a small fortune. Whatever your budget you can be sure we have a great family holiday to match it. 

Author: Kate.OMahony