3 Best Festivals in the World to Visit

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  • 3 Best Festivals in the World to Visit

    If there’s one thing that most places in the world have in common, it’s a love for celebrations. Festivals are a popular way to celebrate, whether it’s live music festivals or religious festivals. 

    If you’re a keen festival-goer, why not time your next holiday to coincide with one of the best international festivals? If you need a little inspiration, below you’ll discover some of the best festivals in the world to visit.

    La Tomatina, Valencia

    The La Tomatina festival is held annually in Valencia towards the end of August. Also referred to as the Tomato Battle, this messy festival involves an epic tomato throwing fight. It’s been running since 1945 and involves a week of festivities.

    It’s said to have started when unruly local boys joined in with a parade of musicians and performers on stilts. According to legend, they knocked one of the performers off his stilts. He got quite angry, and started throwing vegetables from a nearby stall. The festival was actually banned for the majority of the 1950’s. However, it was reintroduced in 1957 after protests from the locals. Since then, the festival has attracted thousands of tourists each year. 

    If you plan on taking part in this fun and messy festival, there are a few rules to familiarise yourself with. Firstly, you’ll need to make sure the tomato is squashed before you throw it. You’ll also need to stop once the starter pistol goes off again, an hour after the festivities started. 

    Find the ideal place to stay during the festival by browsing through our great collection of Valencia holidays.

    Dia De Los Muertos, Mexico

    If you fancy a slightly more relaxed festival, the Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico is a great choice. Known to be one of Mexico’s most celebrated and important holidays, it’s most commonly referred to in English as The Day of the Dead. It starts on October 31st and lasts until November 2nd

    The festival is a great excuse for family and friends to get together and celebrate their ancestors. Celebrations differ between the regions. Some towns host lively parades while others keep it a more subdued holiday. 

    The Dia De Los Muertos festival is ideal for those who love Halloween and want to celebrate it in a more unique way. Browse our Mexico holidays today to find the ideal base to enjoy this popular festival. 

    Obonjan, Croatia

    Set on a pristine island just off the coast of Croatia, the Obonjan festival is renowned for its beauty, watersports and workshops. The festival has been running for four years now, and it takes place over the course of the summer. From June until September, you’ll get to partake in this chilled out festival. There are DJs on the beach, as well as around the poolside. 

    You can check out the festival while you enjoy one of our Croatia holidays. You’ll just need to arrange transportation to the island. 

    These are a small handful of the best festivals in the world. Why not take a look online to see whether there are any festivals running in the destination you’re thinking of visiting? 

Author: Kate.OMahony