Top Tips for Flying with a Newborn Baby

“Flying with a baby?”

Here's how to make travelling with a newborn less stressful…

  • Top Tips for Flying with a Newborn Baby

    Flying can be a stressful experience for many people at the best of times. However, add a newborn baby to the mix and it can be even more daunting. 

    Flying with a baby presents some unique challenges. Will they cry the entire flight? Is the plane equipped for young children? These are just a couple of the common questions parents have. 

    The good news is, there are ways to make flying with a baby a lot less stressful. Here, we’ll reveal some of our top tips for flying with a baby so you have a more enjoyable experience.

    Make sure you book a direct flight

    One of the main things that’s going to improve your travelling experience with a newborn is booking a direct flight. The last thing you’ll want to worry about is having to switch flights. With a direct flight, you’ll be able to settle your baby much more easily, and potentially get them to sleep throughout most of the flight. 

    Check in with your doctor

    Is your baby old enough to fly? Each airport has their own restrictions on how old a baby should be before flying. Some require babies to be at least two weeks old, while others allow you to fly with a two-day old newborn. Doctors typically recommend waiting until your baby is six weeks old. It’s a good idea to seek advice from your doctor to see what they recommend. 

    Remember, your baby’s immune system doesn’t fully develop until they’re at least two to three months old. This means they’ll be exposed to germs which may be on the flight. 

    Ensure they have a passport

    Even newborns need their own passport to travel. So, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got this sorted well in advance of the flight. If you’re heading to a destination which requires a visa, your baby will also need one. 

    Tell the airline you’ll be flying with a newborn

    Before flying, it’s a good idea to let the airline know you’ll be flying with a baby. If you book through TUI, we’ll be happy to make any necessary arrangements with the airline for you. 

    Letting us know you’re travelling with a newborn will allow us to book extra seat space, as well as arrange an easier check-in when you get to the airport. 

    Use the bathroom before your flight

    You’ll want to make sure you use the bathroom before your flight. This allows you to change your baby, ensuring they have a nice clean nappy for the flight. Ideally, you’ll have fed your baby before setting off to the airport. Some parents even choose to place their baby into an extra nappy for extra leakage safety.

    Keep your baby in their travel seat

    When travelling, babies are often used to being placed in a travel seat. You’ll want to make sure you can use a travel seat on the flight. This will be familiar to your baby, reducing the risk they’ll become upset on the plane. When they’re strapped into their travel seat, there’s even the chance they’ll sleep throughout a lot of the flight.

    Take more supplies than you think you might need

    Finally, one tip that’s going to help make flying with a newborn easier is to take more supplies than you think you’ll need. This will help if there are any unexpected travel delays, or if your luggage gets delayed. 

    Flying with a baby can be stressful. However, these tips can really help to make it a more relaxing experience. 

Author: Charlotte Brenner