Top Tips to Beat Jet Lag

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With these top tips to beat jet lag…

  • Top Tips to Beat Jet Lag

    Your annual getaway is something you should look forward to. However, if you’re due to take a long-haul flight, one thing that can stop you enjoying your holiday to the fullest is jet lag. 

    So, what is jet lag? It occurs when your body struggles to adapt to the change in time zones. If you aren’t prepared to counteract it, you could find the initial couple of days of your holiday are largely taken up with recovery. However, the good news is that there are ways to beat it. Below, we’ll reveal some of our best tips for beating jet lag, to ensure your holiday gets off to the best start.

    Start to relax your schedule

    If you’re looking for the best jet lag remedy, adjusting your schedule a few days in advance is a great idea. Maybe you tend to have quite a rigid schedule, where you work out and eat at very specific times. It’s a good idea to start relaxing this a little. 

    When you get to your holiday destination, you’re unlikely to be sticking to the same schedule. This often means that unless you prepare in advance, you’re going to spend a few days adjusting. So, if you start to make changes a few days before you leave, it’ll be much easier to overcome jet lag. 

    Choose the right flight

    Making sure you choose the right flight will also help to combat jet lag. If possible, you’ll want to pick a flight time which sees you arriving at your destination during the day. The natural daylight will automatically make you feel much more awake. 

    The type of aircraft you fly on can make a difference. If you’re travelling on a plane with LED lighting and a good humidification system, you’re going to feel less tired after the flight. 

    Avoid alcohol and caffeine

    It’s common for passengers to start celebrating their holiday as soon as they get to the airport. However, if you have alcohol or caffeine before the flight, it’s going to lead to issues with dehydration and tiredness. They can make jet lag much worse, so avoiding them completely is a good idea. 

    Instead, you can take advantage of the free hot water provided on flights, and take some herbal tea bags with you. That way, you’ll feel refreshed when you arrive at your destination.

    Change the time on your watch

    The time difference can be really difficult to adjust to at first. One simple tip is to adjust the time on your watch to match the local time when you get on your flight. This will really help to get your body aligned with the local time. Just don’t do it before you leave as you could end up missing your flight.

    Put on flight socks

    Long-haul journeys aren’t just tiring, they can also pose a health risk. Deep vein thrombosis can occur when the legs are kept still for long periods of time. Not being able to move around much on a flight can also leave you feeling more tired by the time you land. This is where flight socks prove particularly useful. They help to boost the circulation in the legs, reducing fatigue significantly, as well as cutting the chances of deep vein thrombosis.

    Make sure you get plenty of sleep

    Finally, if you truly want to beat jet lag, making sure you get plenty of sleep is the best solution. Try to get to bed a little earlier before the flight, and work on catching up on sleep in the days leading up to the flight if needed. The more rested the body is, the less jet lag will affect you.

    These jet lag tips will help you to get that long-haul holiday off to the best start. Browse our long-haul holiday deals today.

Author: Angela