All-Inclusive, Half-Board or Self-Catering… Which is Right for You?

“ All-Inclusive, half-board or self-catering?”

The choice is yours…

  • All-Inclusive, Half-Board or Self-Catering… Which is Right for You?

    When you’re booking your annual holiday, there are lots of things to consider. Where you’re going to go, what you’re going to do when you get there, and how much you’ll have to spend are just some of the questions to think about. However, one thing you might not have given much thought to is the type of board you’d prefer.

    Whether you opt for All-Inclusive, half-board or self-catering will make a big difference to your holiday experience. So, how can you tell which option is right for you? Below you’ll discover a brief guide to the different board types on offer.


    If you don’t want to worry about anything while you’re away, our All-Inclusive holidays are ideal. They include almost everything in the cost of the holiday. You’ll get all of your meals and drinks included in the package, and some even include free entertainment and activities. 

    This type of holiday is becoming more popular, particularly for families. All you’ll need to think about is your spending money. However, it’s worth noting that different hotels and resorts will have their own All-Inclusive packages. You’ll want to compare a few different ones before deciding which one is right for you. Pay attention to what type of food is included, and whether you’ll need to pay extra for specific types of drinks. 

    If you’re trying to stick to a tight budget or you just want maximum convenience, All-Inclusive holidays are ideal. 


    If you prefer to sample local cuisine when you’re on holiday, half-board is a great choice. With this option, you’ll get your breakfast and dinner included in the cost. You’ll only be responsible for arranging your own lunch. This gives you the opportunity to try out local foods, and you can vary where you eat.

    The great thing about having dinner included in your holiday is knowing that you can come back from your day of sightseeing or activities, and your dinner will be waiting for you. 

    It’s important to note that drinks aren’t usually covered on a half-board basis. However, you can double check this with the hotel or resort before you book.  


    Self-catering holidays can work out cheaper than All-Inclusive or half-board holidays. They’re also the least restrictive option. With this type of board, you’ll only get the cost of the flights and accommodation included in the price of your holiday. Everything else, including drinks and meals, will need to be paid for separately.

    Self-catering accommodation tends to have a kitchen included so you can prepare your own meals if preferred. There are lots of benefits to choosing self-catering, including the cost savings and the flexibility to eat where and when you like. 

    What to consider when choosing accommodation

    When you’re choosing your holiday accommodation, there are a few things to keep in mind. It’s easy to overspend if you’re travelling with the family. So, if you’re worried about going over budget, it’s a good idea to choose All-Inclusive. If you want to save the most money, choose an All-Inclusive holiday which includes free kids’ snacks and ice cream. 

    If you’re travelling with your partner, a self-catering or half-board option might be better. This allows you to try out local restaurants, or enjoy a little privacy if you dine in your apartment. 

    You’ll need to think about whether you’d prefer to sample local foods, or whether you’d like the convenience of All-Inclusive. Many resorts have multiple restaurants to choose from with themed nights running during the week. So, by choosing All-Inclusive it might not be as restrictive as you think.

    We hope you found our brief guide to the different board types on offer useful. Taking the time to determine which one best fits your preferences will ensure you have the best possible time away.

Author: Charlotte Brenner