Tourist Guide to Venice

“Iconic gondola rides and historic canals”

Fall in love with Venice…

  • Tourist Guide to Venice

    Venice is known as one of the most romantic destinations in the world. With its iconic gondola rides and historic canals, this beautiful Italian destination is very popular with couples.

    If you’re thinking of heading to the city for a break, read on for our brief tourist guide to Venice. 

    When to go?

    The best time to head to Venice will depend on the type of holiday you’re hoping to have. If you’re interested in sightseeing, it’s best to head to the city in the spring. This is when the temperatures are milder and there are fewer tourists in the city, so it’s less crowded. September is another great month to go sightseeing in Venice.

    You can also choose to go at a time which coincides with local events. For example, the Carnivale is held 40 days before Easter and it’s one of the biggest events in Italy. You’ll find events running for two to three weeks prior to the carnival. For many of these, you’ll need to buy tickets to take part. 

    If you want the best weather, heading to the city in July or August is a good time to visit. However, it’ll be more crowded and prices will be higher.  

    Top things to do

    One of the biggest dilemmas you’ll face when heading to Venice is choosing what to see and do. There are a huge number of attractions in the city, so narrowing down your choices before you go is a good idea. 

    The Basilica San Marco is a particularly popular attraction you won’t want to miss. Situated on the Piazza San Marco, this magnificent church boasts marble walls and striking mosaics. The church’s high altar is also said to be home to some of the remains of St. Mark himself.

    You can also take a ‘hidden gem’ private tour of the city. This will help you to find lesser known attractions and sights. If you want to experience a totally different side to this popular city, then these more unusual tours are ideal. 

    The Rialto markets are also worth checking out during your stay. Closed on Sundays and Mondays, the markets typically become quieter during the afternoon. You’ll find a wonderful selection of goods here, and the market area itself is well worth exploring. 

    Food and drink

    You’ll notice that Venetian cuisine differs from other northern Italian cuisine. The most common type of local cuisine here is polenta, a type of cornmeal served in a variety of ways. This used to be a staple for poorer families. There’s also a huge selection of local delicacies you’ll want to try out.

    Sarde in Saor is a sweet and sour flavoured dish consisting of onions, sardine fillets, pine nuts, raisins and vinegar. It dates back to the Middle Ages, and used to be particularly popular with Venetian sailors. 

    If you’re travelling near the time of the Carnivale, you’ll also want to try out the sweet Fritole. These are pastry fritters which are made with a deliciously rich batter. They’re deep fried and dusted with sugar.

    You’ll definitely want to consider booking a half board holiday to Venice in order to try out its local dishes. 

    Best hotels

    You’ll find a lot of great hotels in Venice. However, a couple of our favourites include the Duodo Palace Hotel and the Hotel San Cassiano. 

    The Duodo Palace Hotel is set on a canal and was once a 17th Century palace. It features authentic interiors with elegantly styled rooms. You’re only a short distance from the most popular sights in the city, and it’s offered on a bed and breakfast basis. 

    The Hotel San Cassiano is located on the Grand Canal. It’s a 14th Century mansion that’s just 10 minutes walk from some of the most popular sights. You’ll be treated to a buffet breakfast which takes place in a magnificent dining hall with Murano glass chandeliers. There’s also a 24-hour reception where the staff are on hand to point you towards the best local events and sights.


    Venice is a great destination all year round. You can head there for a week, or even just a weekend for a short break. Take a look at our Venice holidays today.

Author: Kate.OMahony