Ways to Save Money on Travel in 2020

“Save on your 2020 travel”

with these top tips…

  • Ways to Save Money on Travel in 2020

    Looking to save money on your 2020 holiday? These days, there are lots of ways to travel on a budget. At TUI, we’re dedicated to bringing our customers the very best deals. So, if you’re ready to start saving on your 2020 travel, below you’ll discover some of our top tips…

    Take advantage of sales

    If you follow our holiday deals page, you’ll frequently find sales offering discounted getaways. Whether you’re looking to take a long-haul or short-haul getaway, you’ll find discounted prices in our end of season sales. 

    If you choose to book out of season, you’ll also save a significant amount of money. So, rather than booking during July and August, consider heading off on a winter or spring break instead. 

    Consider last minute breaks

    A great way to save money on your annual holiday is to book last minute. You’ll find many of these types of holidays depart within three to four weeks. If you’re flexible and don’t have a set destination in mind, these last-minute holidays can be an affordable option.  

    Check out our last minute holiday deals page to see the types of breaks you could save money on.

    Low deposit offers

    Why not take advantage of our low deposit holidays? These typically apply to holidays you book in advance. For example, if you’re booking your summer holiday a year early, then you’ll often be offered a low deposit deal. This enables you to book now, and then take your time to put aside the rest of the cost of the holiday. 

    Many of our holidays also offer free child places. These enable you to save on the cost of one child, including their flights and transfers, potentially reducing the overall price of the family holiday by more than €100 depending upon your destination. 

    Take care of car hire and currency exchange early

    Hiring a car during your holiday can make it much easier to get around. However, if you leave it too late to book you could end up paying a lot of money. Comparing different companies early allows you to select the cheapest rates. You’ll also be able to secure the car of your choice if you book in advance. 

    Similarly, taking care of currency exchange early can also save you money. You won’t need to accept higher exchange rates at the airport just before you fly, or exchange your money after you’ve arrived at your destination. 

    Have a budget in mind

    If you don’t want to spend more than you planned to, it’s good to have a set budget in mind for your holiday. It doesn’t need to be too strict, but ensure you have an estimated amount you are happy with. Add up all your costs, including spending money, and have some money set aside for emergencies. 

    Consider flying from a different airport

    Sometimes travelling from a different airport can save you a lot of money on your holiday. If you’re willing to travel a little further, you can make significant savings. If you can’t change where you travel from, perhaps change your flight route. Choose a split flight rather than a direct flight, for example. 

    Enjoy free attractions and tours

    Finally, a great tip to save money on your next holiday is to take advantage of free attractions and tours. No matter where you’re heading to, there’s always going to be a great choice of free activities on offer. 

    As you can see, there are lots of great ways you can save on your 2020 holiday. No matter where you’re hoping to jet off to, the tips above can help you to make significant savings. 

Author: Carol Oconnor