Eating Out in Thailand

“Eating out in Thailand?”

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  • Eating Out in Thailand

    Thailand is often considered one of the ultimate holiday destinations. With its spectacular scenery and friendly locals, it’s commonly referred to as “The Land of Smiles”. 

    If you truly want to make the most of a Thailand holiday, you’ll want to check out its local cuisine. The locals get just as excited about their food as the tourists. So, what can you expect when you’re eating out in Thailand? Below, we’ll reveal a brief guide to dining in this extraordinary destination.

    Eating out in Khao Lak

    Although Khao Lak doesn’t quite have the same gourmet reputation as Chiang Mai or Bangkok, it has a particularly good family dining scene. There’s a diverse range of foods on offer here including Indian, Italian, British, German and local Thai food. 

    The most popular type of cuisine offered in Khao Lak is seafood. There are lots of fishing piers here. You’ll find the freshest seafood including lobsters, prawns and crabs. If you’re looking to try out some of the more exotic food in Thailand, you’ll want to head to the local markets. The food stalls offer varied and exotic ingredients. 

    There are lots of great restaurants here you can try. If you’re looking for something affordable, Pam’s Restaurant & Bar is a good choice. Offering a garden setting, the restaurant is renowned for its seafood and cocktails. You’ll also find a wide range of healthy dishes here. If you’re looking to sample authentic Asian and Thai food, then the Green Pepper restaurant is a great option. This restaurant also caters to vegans and offers gluten-free options. 

    Eating out in Phuket

    If you’re heading to Phuket, you’ll find that the variety of cuisines on offer is one of the main things attracting people to the region. It’s known for fresh ingredients and wonderful flavours. 

    Like Khao Lak, Phuket is particularly renowned for its seafood. It also boasts some of the most affordable prices. Whether you choose to dine at a local noodle stall or in a sophisticated gourmet restaurant, you can be sure the food here is packed full of flavour. 

    If you want to try authentic Thai food, the Blue Elephant is a great choice. Based in a large mansion, it has an authentic wooden interior and offers impressive Thai dishes. You can even take cooking classes here if you’d like to learn how to create Thai cuisine.

    If it’s seafood you’re looking to sample, the Sizzle Rooftop Restaurant situated in the hills of Phuket is ideal. As well as offering up delicious seafood, the restaurant also specialises in tasty desserts and steaks. It’s the view which really sets this restaurant apart, particularly if you head here in time for sunset.  

    Costs of eating out in Thailand

    One of the great things about eating out in Thailand is the prices. In Phuket, you can find foods for just over €1. Even the highest priced restaurants are around €7 for a main meal. 

    In Khao Lak, prices can be equally low, with many restaurants charging around €3 to €5 per meal. The most upscale restaurants charge approximately €9 to €10. 

    While it’s not customary to leave a tip in Thailand, it’ll be appreciated if you leave behind some loose change in restaurants. 

    When it comes to dining out in Thailand you have lots of options. The above is just a brief guide on what to expect from Khao Lak and Phuket cuisine. Why not browse our range of Thailand holidays today?

Author: Angela