Make Your Tan Last Longer with These Great Tips

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  • Make Your Tan Last Longer with These Great Tips

    The tan you can develop while you’re away is one of the many benefits to jetting off on a sunny break. However, once you get back home it can be difficult maintaining that golden tan for long. 

    If you’re looking to make your tan last longer, here we’ll reveal some of the best ways to safely prolong it.

    Don’t forget to slap on the sun cream

    There’s a common misconception that applying sun lotion prevents you from getting a tan. However, the truth is that sun cream protects you from the UV rays without preventing melanin production, which is what causes your tan. This means you’ll be protected against skin cancer and burning while still developing a sun-kissed tan.

    Ideally, you should use a minimum of SPF 30 and don’t forget to use it on your face too. Remember to apply sun lotion regularly, especially if you’re in and out of the water.

    Moisturise each day

    Moisturising every day, during and after your holiday, can help you to maintain your tan. You’ll want to focus on particularly dry areas such as the elbows and hands. 

    Moisturising before exposing your skin to the sun makes the cells of the skin soft and plump. This creates a more even skin tone, and enables that glow to last longer. A good tip here is to avoid using specific after-sun products. This is because they tend to contain alcohol, which can really dry out the skin.

    Take colder showers

    When you take a hot shower, it can dehydrate the skin, causing it to peel. To keep your tan looking flawless, simply switch up those hot showers for cold ones. You can also use an oil-based shower gel. This prevents the bubbles which form with non-oil-based gels from rubbing away the tanned skin layer.

    Exfoliate the skin

    Another useful tip is to gently exfoliate the skin. Ideally this should be done weekly once you arrive home. It’s also recommended you exfoliate before you jet off on holiday, then again immediately after you return. This will help to eliminate dead skin cells and a build-up of SPF products, leaving your tan glowing.

    Pay attention to your diet

    Did you know what you eat and drink can also make a difference to how long your tan holds up? Eating foods high in beta-carotene, for example, can give the skin a darker appearance over time. Foods that are high in beta-carotene include carrots and mangoes.

    You’ll also want to ensure you’re drinking plenty of water. Keeping the body hydrated can prolong the life of skin cells, including those that make up your tan. Of course, drinking plenty of water also helps to keep the hair and skin looking naturally healthier. 

    Jet off on more holidays

    One of the best ways to maintain your tan is to take more frequent holidays. You don’t have to jet off for weeks at a time. Instead, why not take shorter trips to destinations like the Canary Islands? That way, you’ll keep your tan topped up all year round. 

    These are just some of the best ways to maintain your tan. Why not browse our great holiday deals today, to book your next sun-filled getaway?

Author: Angela